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The Originals
I'm about to spoil something about The Vampire Diaries so stop here if you don't want to know. I was obsessed with the show but stopped watching when Nina Dobrev left in Season 6. The show ended in 2017 but a few months into quarantine, I randomly decided to pick up where I left off and I was reminded of why I enjoyed the world and characters so much. Did it get weird? Absolutely. But when I reached the end, it made me want to watch more so I decided to binge The Originals. In case you didn't know, it's a spin-off that focused on three of the Mikaelson siblings (Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah) and Hayley, a very pregnant werewolf, who have settled in New Orleans for various reasons. While they all become a part of each other's lives, we get to learn more about all of the Original family, but the audience is also drawn deeper into the supernatural beings inhabiting the city. It's an war between vampires, werewolves, and witches which means there's no shortage of drama. And with Klaus at the center of it all, you can imagine things getting crazy and bloody quickly. I didn't expect to fall in love with this show as much as I did and if I had to choose between the two series, this would actually be my favorite. It's definitely for an older audience so the storylines are much more mature. I love depictions of big, messy families and it doesn't get any messier than the Mikaelsons. The unconditional bond between them was a huge draw for me, even when they were simultaneously at each other's throats. I was just super impressed with the lore in each season (it did get weird at times too) but ultimately the siblings and one romance in particular is what gave it the edge over TVD

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The Baby-Sitters Club
I equate The Baby-Sitters Club series with my childhood. I read the majority of the series and I remember watching the 90s movie in theaters with my group of friends for someone's birthday. I have so many fond memories and I honestly couldn't wait to see what Netflix would do with it. And wow, it far exceeded any and all expectations that I had. The adaptation is incredible. The group of girls they found were so perfect.  Funny side note but growing up, my favorites were always Mary Anne and Stacey (I too was the girl from New York) but in this version, Mary Anne and Claudia are my faves. The adaptation was modernized and changed in a way that made sense and didn't take away from the heart of the stories and themes. The friendship between all of them is just beautiful, through all its ups and downs. I ended up binging the series in a day and honestly, I dare you to try and stop watching once you start. It's impossible. I can't recommend this series enough. Just be prepared to laugh, cry, and have a sudden urge to hug (or call) all your besties. 

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Little Voice
I'll be honest, I was excited for this show because of Sara Bareilles and Sean Teale -- two names I didn't expect to see in the same sentence. But as I heard more about the show and how it was inspired by Sara's own musical journey, I knew I had to watch. It follows Bess, played beautifully by Brittany O'Grady, as she struggles to make her mark as a musician in NYC. Sean Teale plays one of the romantic leads and it should come as no surprise that I was rooting for him and doing a fair bit of swooning myself. Bess also makes a musical connection with guitarist and new friend Samuel and is just surrounded by an incredibly diverse group of people including her best friend Prisha, her brother Louie is on the spectrum, and more. The representation was top-notch. But the storyline was so heartfelt. You feel each individual's struggles and their yearning to figure things out. I enjoyed the story and don't get me started on the music. I looked forward to every episode and song release each Friday as the weeks went on. I have so many of the songs on repeat right now. There hasn't been any news yet of a Season 2 but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. There's still so much left to explore and wrap up! Seriously do yourself a favor and get AppleTV+ so you can watch this show. 


What have you watched recently?

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  1. Don't yell at me, but I still need to finish Little Voice (which I fully intend to! You know I'm just terrible at watching TV shows)! But I am so happy you loved The Originals (it's sooooo good) and The Baby-sitters Club (which was delightful and I need more).


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