Recent Purchases I'm Obsessed With

I'd like to say my online shopping habits have decreased in the last month or so but the truth is, it's more or less the same! The only difference now is that I disinfect packages and everything inside (minus the clothes which just get thrown in the wash) before I bring them into my apartment. That said, a few of the things I've bought recently are definitely due to the current situation. But that doesn't make me love those items any less! So here's what I'm loving right now!

Nintendo Switch Lite | I was lucky enough to make this purchase before it sold out on Amazon (it's still on Walmart so just keep checking!). Someone I follow had posted a picture of hers and I immediately thought, that would be another great way to keep myself entertained indoors and I ordered one the next day. It wasn't a bad price at all and it's been so much fun. I love mine!

& Other Stories Waist Knot Midi Dress | I got this towards the latter half of February during a sale. I usually don't wear this shade of blue but I loved the style so I decided to give it a shot. I was so happy when I put it on! The fit is great and super comfy. I can't wait to wear it, even if it just means wearing it in my apartment for now.

ThriveCausmetics Liquid Lash Mascara | I kept seeing Instagram ads for this mascara and while I was curious about it, there was no point because I had eyelash extensions. Cut to the present where I can longer get refills for the unforeseeable future. I bought this last week and it has been worthy of the hype.

Local Eclectic Mama's Pearl Earrings | I'm such a sucker for anything with pearls (that along with moonstone, aka my two birthstones, are my favorites). I had been wanting a classic pair of pearl studs and these were exactly what I was looking for.

Moon River Ruched Sleeve Top | I had been eyeing this top forever because of Crystalin Marie so I finally got it. It's so cute! I haven't worn it yet because my apartment still gets pretty cool during the day but I'll definitely "wear it to work" soon. (Not that anyone during my Zoom meetings will appreciate it.)

Lakers Distressed Fleece Pullover Hoodie | This is such a random purchase for me. I really don't care about sports at all but while I was in LA, my 4 year old niece was wearing her Lakers hoodie and I found myself wanting one (to be fair, it has two of my favorite colors). I ordered this on a whim but even I'm surprised by how often I wear it! It's soft and comfortable, plus the fit is surprisingly flattering. I either wear it with leggings and sneakers while I walk or I'll wear it with jeans, the front tucked in and my yellow Rothy's for a dressier look.

J.Crew Factory Calf Hair Seaside Sandals | This is admittedly my least practical purchase this month but I couldn't resist! They were having a great sale plus I love the spotted leopard and the detail with the straps. Maybe at some point this summer I'll be able to wear them outside? (I'll settle for wearing them to walk to the mailbox.)

Madewell Denim Baseball Cap | I had looked at baseball caps before in case if I ever went hiking or to the beach since I always struggle with sunglasses (I hate the marks they leave on my nose plus they tend to slip off). I never bought one though because I don't do either of the aforementioned things often enough plus I couldn't find one I liked. When I started going on walks 3 times a week to deal with the cabin fever and it started getting sunny, I looked again and found this on Madewell. It fits perfectly and now I wear it on every walk.

Have you bought anything lately that you're obsessed with? 


  1. I still love that & Other Stories dress! And I'm so glad you got your Switch before they sold out :-D

  2. I love that we both purchased a Nintendo Switch Lite last year! Until now, I still think it's one of the best investment purchases we both could have made because it was such a good distraction for the time we were indoors and a great alternative to the other ways we keep ourselves entertained.


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