Hello 2020!

I don't want to forget 2019 or put it behind me necessarily because what I experienced last year is a part of who I am now. But I am ready for a new year. That fresh, new slate feeling that comes with January 1st is one I've come to appreciate especially in my thirties. It's always exciting, and quite frankly necessary, for me to have goals and plans to focus on and work towards. Because in those moments when I feel adrift (something I certainly felt in recent months), putting my heart and energy into something grounds me. So more than anything, I hope that 2020 will be a year where I focus on ...

the people I love; family and friends mean the world to me and while I like to think I do a good job of setting aside time for my loved ones, I don't think it ever hurts to remind yourself to always do so. 

things I love to do; my passion for reading is never a problem but I want to remember to pick up my camera, keep writing and maybe discover new interests along the way. 

myself; for me this means finding happiness where I can, focusing on the present, working towards what I want for the future, my health and self-care, traveling, being open to change and more. 

But if you want to know in a bit more detail what my goals are for 2020, here they are! 

My 2020 Goals
Travel more. Seeing the world and experiencing something new brings me such joy. Last year, my trips to Paris and San Francisco were some of my biggest highlights and I can't wait to start booking trips again. 

Read 120 books. Funny story, this was also my exact goal last year and somehow I managed to read 203! I like to keep things low pressure though so I'm still sticking with 120. But of those 120, I hope at least 20 will be fantasy and that I finally read the rest of my dad's favorite classics.

Journal every day. I have a specific format in mind for this (which I won't be sharing just yet or potentially ever) but for the next 365 days, I want to take the time to write a couple sentences down about my day, every day. 

Become more knowledgeable about finances. I do a pretty good job of saving money and I contribute to a 401K but that's as far as it goes. Then a couple months ago I met with a financial advisor and I was so overwhelmed by all the ways in which you can invest and grow your money for the future. I ended up not doing anything at the time because it was a lot to digest but this year, I'd like to delve into it and hopefully make some savvy decisions as a result. 

Pick up a new hobby. Aside from making a point to pick up my camera more, I also want to learn something new and right now my mind is set on learning how to crochet! 

Get focused on my health again. In 2018, I made big strides with focusing on my health by watching what I ate more and low-key exercising. Then I slowly but steadily got lazier about it. I still think I eat fairly well but sugar will always be my Achilles heel and even though I walk a lot, I need more physical activity in my life. So eat better, work out (somehow!), remember to take my vitamins and schedule a long overdue physical with my doctor are a part of my immediate (and long-term) plans.

Alright 2020, I'm ready for you!
What are your goals or resolutions?

My favorite photos from New Year's with the fam!


  1. Those are great goals! Good luck! Here's to a happy and healthy 2020<3

  2. Best wishes for a wonderful 2020. I started crocheting a couple of years ago and I love it. Let me know if I can be of help!

  3. I need to join you in becoming more financially knowledgeable! I've learned a lot in the last decade for sure (since I feel like I hard to start from the basics), but I'd definitely like to be able to manage and invest my money in a smarter way. Good luck with all your goals - I bet you'll crush them!


with love,