Recent Purchases I'm Obsessed With

Even though I'm a summer girl through and through, I can't deny that shopping for fall is super fun too (and so bad for my wallet). There's a ton of cute jackets, sweaters and boots on my radar at the moment but I'm trying my best to be good. Mainly because I've probably ordered like seven sweaters in the last couple of weeks and my poor wallet needs a break. But I did want to share some recent, a couple not-so-recent purchases that I'm obsessed with. 

Here's what I'm loving right now!

[from top-bottom; left-right]

Mini Faux-Fur Puffer Jacket | I'm usually not into faux-fur jackets but I remember seeing other women wearing them last year and thinking it looked cute. Cut to a week ago when I saw this at Abercrombie. I loved the cut of the jacket and the color so I decided to order it. It is even better in person! It feels incredibly warm and I can't wait to wear it. 

The Link-Stitch Crewneck Sweater | Everlane really is the best for quality basics at a decent price. I'm a sucker for cream-colored sweaters and I can see myself using this one a lot over the next couple of months. 

Clarins Double Serum | A lot of these expensive serums haven't lived up to the hype for me so when this was recommended to me, I agreed to only a sample. I saw an immediate improvement in the redness and texture of my skin that I bought a full-size a week later. I'm now on my second bottle! (I want to say the first one lasted 6 months?). 

Zara Soft Shopper with Knotted Strap | This bag immediately caught my eye when I saw it at Zara. I don't buy a lot of shoulder/hobo bags (which helped me justify the purchase) but it's a good price, really cute, and as soft as it says it is.  

Tippi sweater with lace collar detail | I'll be honest, you won't want to wear this one when it's freezing outside because the material is very thin. That said, it's beautiful in person. It works well for early fall and I actually think there are ways to layer it for colder days too. I love the color and the lace detail. I wore it recently tucked into dark jeans and flats, and I felt so put together. 

Zella Live In High Waist Pocket 7/8 Leggings | I bought this during the Nordstrom anniversary sale because one of my favorite bloggers recommended them and OMG, they really are the best pair ever. They're high-waisted and seriously hold everything in. Perfect length for petites (I didn't have to get them hemmed!). They're supposed to be athletic-wear but with a sweater tunic and flats, you'd never know. And it has pockets!

Super Star Bracelet | Gorjana has become another of my staple jewelry brands and I've been layering this star bracelet with my Miranda Frye "London" bracelet almost every day. It's great quality, dainty and I love that I can adjust the size to fit my wrist. 

Aritzia Rosalyn Dress | When I saw this in the front display of Aritzia, I knew I had to try it but I didn't actually expect it to fit me! It's a really beautiful dress and I can actually wear it exactly as is (I'm just under 5 ft). But on me it's ankle-length and the sleeves are a bit more billowy which I think gives it a dressier look. So it really depends on what you want! The same day I bought it, I saw someone much taller than me wearing it with white sneakers. So, because I want it to be an every day dress, I'm going to get it tailored and I can't wait to wear it!

Have you bought anything lately that you're obsessed with?


  1. Loveeeee the Abercrombie jacket! I've purchased so many of their sherpa half zip ups to wear around my apartment this season!

  2. Omg the fleece puffer jacket is so cute!!! I love shopping for fall the most, but I feel like it's the most expensive season 😅

  3. That's a beautiful dress! And I'm STILL waiting for the opportunity to buy that mini faux-fur puffer. GIVE ME A SALE ABERCROMBIE, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!


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