Fallen Angels Fête: Heavenly Playlist

For those you just seeing Fallen Angels Fête on my blog, Alexa and I wanted to restart our tradition of reading paranormal during October so this year we picked Fallen Angels by J.R. Ward and we've been blogging about the series since Tuesday. We kicked things off by sharing our thoughts on the series overall, then we listed our favorites and now, we posting two very fun playlists.

The driving story behind Fallen Angels is this war between Heaven and Hell so we decided to create playlists based on that theme. I took on "Heaven" while Alexa took on "Hell" and I, for one, am very proud of my playlist! The songs I chose weren't based on the lyrics (although in hindsight, quite a few of them do fit) but more so on the titles. I went through all my songs and put together a playlist that I think is very tongue-in-cheek (it should be obvious why I picked these!) but also sets the right mood for the "good guys," aka a group of fallen angels, and the series overall.

My song picks:
"Heaven" by Julia Michaels
"Angels" by the XX
"Hearts Like Ours" by The Naked and Famous
"Ghost" by Chelsea Lankes
"Forces" by Japanese Wallpaper, Airling
"face the sun" by Miguel, Lenny Kravitz
"Take Me to Church" by Hozier
"My Church" by Maren Morris
"Higher Love" by James Vincent McMorrow
"Oh, Maker" by Janelle Monae
"Everlasting Arms" by Vampire Weekend
"To Kingdom Come" by Passion Pit
"Everlasting Light" by The Black Keys
"Redemption" by The Strange Familiar
"Saviour" by Lights
"New Soul" by Yael Naim

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Hope you enjoyed these posts!

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  1. Your "Heavenly" playlist is excellent - and it goes hand in hand with my "Gives You Hell" one. I can't believe it worked out so well even if we didn't discuss the song choices beforehand!


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