Fallen Angels Fête: Favorites

As I mentioned yesterday, Alexa and I wanted to restart our tradition of reading paranormal during October so this year we picked Fallen Angels by J.R. Ward. Yesterday we told you what we thought about the series overall, and today we want to share our favorites with you (don't worry, it won't be spoilery - just names!).

Favorite book
Envy, the third book in the series! I thought it had the best story and the chemistry between the two leads was hot

Favorite quote
“Joy was worn like a new suit of clothes on people. You could see it on every inch of them, from their step to their stare. But sadness and loss were hidden, kept quiet under composure and the shelter of daily activity.” ― Immortal

Favorite heroine 
I feel like my answer may be a bit controversial. But it's actually a tie between Sophia from Envy and Sissy, someone who's introduced early in the series. With Sophia, I loved her take-charge, no-B.S. attitude. But I also loved her determination and the great relationship she had with her parents. With Sissy, I actually didn't expected to like her character as much as I did but she's a heroine we got to spend a little more time with, which I think played a big role in me liking her because we got a chance to know her. Plus she has some great moments with the fallen angels crew which endeared her to me. 

Favorite hero 
Veck from Envy. All the heroes are pretty much your typical alpha-male but I thought this story was compelling and the way he approached Sophia was very swoon-worthy. 

Favorite couple
If you haven't figured it out yet, Veck and Sophia from Envy are my favorite couple in the whole series. 

Favorite secondary character
Adrian, one of the fallen angels! He grew on me more and more with each book. I started off being lukewarm towards him and by the end, he was one of my favorite characters. 

Favorite surprise appearance
Because Fallen Angels and BDB take place in the same world, there are some cameos and my favorite was Phury's! He's not mentioned by name but since he's one of my favorite brothers, I could tell from the description that it was him.

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  1. Envy is basically your favorite of the series then ;) It really is the best book overall though! I can objectively agree with that.


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