Recent Purchases I'm Obsessed With

I enjoyed sharing my recent purchases back in February so much that I decided to do another! Surprisingly, a lot of the purchases I'm currently obsessed with aren't clothes but I'm sure that'll change as it gets warmer. (Which is already happening!) My closet is slowly but surely stocked with short sleeve tops and more dresses though so I'll have plenty to share once I can start wearing them. 

In meantime, here's what I'm loving right now!

[from top-bottom; left-right]

Airpods + cover | I've mentioned before that I had gotten Airpods and loved them, which is totally still true. But I had no idea Airpod case covers were a thing until I saw someone on the bus with one. Of course I immediately went to Amazon and lo and behold, there are so many options! I highly recommend this silicon case that comes in a variety of colors.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (Refurbished) | As someone who blow drys their hair every morning, I'm always on the hunt for a great hair dryer and I've tried everything from the higher end brands to your typical Conair $25 ones. I'd been curious about the Dyson dryer for a while but there was no way I was going to pay $400+. Then Fashion Jackson did an Instagram story about the refurbished one she bought on eBay for nearly half the price. They recently had a sale so I splurged and omg, it actually lives up to the hype. It cut 10 mins off my usual drying time, which made it completely worth the price. 

Missoma Lucy Williams Beaded Coin Necklace | Rose gold jewelry has been my fave for a while but I couldn't stop eyeing the Lucy Williams collection on Missoma. After months and months of debating, I got this necklace nearly a month ago and I've been wearing it almost every day since. It's beautiful and makes a statement while still being delicate. 

Baron Fig Planner Dateless planner | After a year and some months being devoted to the Ink+Volt planners, I needed something simpler and more lightweight. I've been using this since April first and it's a keeper.

Thin Gold Ring Set of 2 from Minimal Accents | Now that I'm wearing a gold necklace constantly, I "needed" gold rings to match. I wear super thin rings and this set was perfect! 

J.Crew Sophie Open-Front Sweater-Blazer | I bought this sweater blazer last year and I loved it even though the fit could've been slightly better. Then this year they came out with even more sizes. I bought a black one in a new size and I was so happy with the fit, that I bought the camel one too to replace the one I already owned. They're such classic go-to pieces that are a great transition for warmer weather or for wearing inside a very cold office. (For reference, I'm 4"11 and XXX-Small is perfect for my height and short skinny arms!)

Madewell The Abroad Shoulder Bag | I typically don't buy black bags but something about this really stood out to me so I decided to splurge (but justified that I could probably bring it on my Paris trip, which I did!). It ended up being the perfect size and shape. It also has a very classic look to it, which I love. 

Stars Above at Target, joggers + sweatshirt | A new brand called Stars Above got recently added to Target and I am obsessed with their lounge wear. Every time I go I'm tempted to buy a dozen things but for now, I just have this pair of joggers and sweater. The fabric is soft and comfortable and it's loungewear that you can still feel super cute in while relaxing at home. 

Have you bought anything lately that you're obsessed with?


  1. I have the same JCrew sweater blazer!

  2. I have heard such great things about Airpods. I'm too obsessed with my Beats Studios still to try out Airpods, but I know I'll jump on the bandwagon soon enough. I also love those rings!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  3. I still think that the Abroad bag is super cute, so I definitely 100% was behind that purchase! And I love my Airpods. I was totally skeptical at first, but I can't imagine not having them now.


with love,