Project Ice Cream

It's been far too long since I've given a Project Ice Cream update but I've been revisiting a lot of places! So many shops will do specials for Christmas or Valentine's Day or just offer something new for a limited time. But I realized that I should share my adventures anyway, even if they are repeats, because I've been having a ton of good ice cream. 

[top-bottom; left-right]

1. Ample Hills CreameryThe first time I tried their ice cream it was at a stand inside Gotham West Market. I remember not being too impressed but I wanted to give them another try, which I recently did. I got the munchies and snap mallow pop and enjoyed both flavors.

2. Kaylee's CreameryIn the last few months I've been here three times which should tell you how much I love this spot. We're talking top five! I've tried pot of gold, orchard road and salted caramel.

3. Van Leeuwen Ice CreamTheir storefront is so cute! And the ice cream is great too. They have the standard flavors you'd expect, like cookies and cream, salted caramel and honeycomb (all the ones I've tried!).

4. Natura CafeThis spot typically doesn't have ice cream on their menu but one month they sold frozen hot chocolate which was basically soft serve with all sorts of goodies in it. I'd definitely keep a lot out for other limited specials from them.

5. Stax Ice CreamFor Valentine's Day they had special heart sprinkles so I went with Alexa and Kristin for our Galentine's Day outing to give them a try. I got one scoop of fruity pebbles, jasmine milk tea and an adorable macaron on top.

6/7. Matcha n' MoreThe other newbie on the list and I've already gone twice. If you love matcha ice cream, this place is a must-try. Plus their decor is A+.

8. Milk and Cream Cereal BarI've officially been here three times and this is also another spot I can declare a favorite. I love the mix of cereal and ice cream but on one of my visits I tried their hot fudge brownie sundae and it was delicious!

Which of these places have you been to?


  1. This is just making me want to plan more ice cream trips! I'm really excited for our outing this week!

  2. I was with you for all of these - gee, what a surprise ;)


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