Stacking the Shelves (63)

Between my book shopping spree in London, getting my Fierce Reads seasonal blogger box and the generosity of other wonderful pubs, this is one very long Stacking the Shelves!

I went to London knowing I'd probably get at least 3-4 books and instead I walked away with 7. The covers are just so much prettier and I definitely underestimated how tempted I'd be to buy everything in sight. (Be proud, there were two ones I almost bought and managed to put down.)

Then I was incredibly surprised by the #bookmail I got recently. Aside from Fierce Reads box, I got an early copy of Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix (not pictured because I lent it to a friend; FYI it was amazing!) and Priory of the Orange Tree. Both are books I'm super excited about. It's definitely one of those weeks where I'm super grateful for the connections I've made through blogging.

So, onto the books!


What new books have you guys gotten lately?


  1. I also just received the UK edition of Open Road Summer!Totally agree that UK editions are just too gorgeous to pass up!

  2. This is such an epic haul! And I'm not surprised you wound up going home from London with more books than expected - it's hard to resist gorgeous UK covers, honestly.


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