Project Ice Cream

Project Ice Cream is all about crossing off the places on my ever expanding list which means I rarely go to the same place twice. But since my last update in May, I’ve found myself revisiting ice cream spots because they’d offer really tasty and limited promos or simply because I’d been craving it (all good reasons). This update will be a little different in that I’ll be sharing the new places I’ve tried and ones I revisited, in case you need the extra motivation to check out old favorites!

1. 32 Below
I have to say, I’m a little disenchanted by the whole rolled ice cream thing. Maybe it’s cause I was spoiled by 10Below which was the first time I tried it and still remains to be the best. But either way, 32Below satisfied my ice cream craving but wasn’t particularly memorable.

2. Eggloo
I absolutely love the combination of warm egg waffles with ice cream. I’d been to Eggloo before but went with friends again because of the new offerings. I can’t remember what I got exactly but it was definitely just as good the second time around.

3. Sweet Moment
Bingsoo is a popular Korean shaved-ice dessert with that gets topped with items such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, matcha, crushed cookies, ice cream and more. Alexa and I tried multiple bingsoo desserts this summer with Sweet Moment being the first. Their matcha and black sesame was delicious!

4. Mochidoki
Alexa and I (in case you didn’t pick up on it yet, she’s with me on 99% of my ice cream adventures) accidentally stumbled upon the Turnstyle Underground Market at Columbus Circle right before a ballet. When we saw Mochidoki, we couldn’t resist picking up dessert. They had a variety of flavors and if I hadn’t eaten dinner already, I would’ve happily tried more. So good.

5. Magnum Ice Cream 
I’ve never seen such picturesque ice cream bars before! I loved their unique toppings and that I was able to create something custom. I got the vanilla bar with a white chocolate outer shell (you can choose between white, milk or dark), rose and chocolate pearl toppings with a dark chocolate drizzle. If you’re in the city, it’s worth trying at least once!

6. Creamistry
What’s cool about this place is that they make the ice cream right in front of you using liquid nitrogen. I chose Fruity Pebbles ice cream with Captain Crunch as the topping. Since it is made fresh, it can be a bit of a wait if there’s a lot of people there. And my other gripe was the portions being inconsistent. Alexa, Kristin and I all ordered the same size but my ice cream was significantly less.

7/8. Soft Swerve
I ended up going twice this summer! The first time was to check out their mermaid ice cream which super fun and yummy. The second time was to try their spin on Halo-Halo, a popular Filipino dessert. I give them points for trying but I thought it was way too sweet and just wasn’t the same without shaved ice. I’d stick with the original.

9. The Pint Shop
The Pint Shop is run by The Museum of Ice Cream and is an experience in itself. It’s so adorable and basically an Instagrammer’s dream. But on top of that, the ice cream is actually super good. I went with Alexa and her sister and we got two pints to share. We finished it all in one sitting! Just thinking about it makes me want to go back. My favorite was the piñata flavor but the vanillionaire was also excellent.

10. Grace Street Cafe
More bingsoo! I love this surge of Asian-inspired desserts and cafes in NYC. If you crave anything ube, matcha, black sesame-flavored and milk teas, definitely come here.

11. Stax Ice Cream
As much as I love trying all the new popular stuff like shaved ice cream, soft serve, rolled ice cream, etc — what I still crave and love the most is traditional ice cream (with fun flavors) in a cone. Stax provides exactly that but with exotic flavors. I got the fruity pebbles and jasmine milk tea ice cream in a lavender cone and I think it’s probably my favorite from this whole past summer.

12. Milk and Cream Bar
This is another spot I’d been wanting to go back to and finally did a few weeks ago. I’m a big fan of the cereal and ice cream combo and they certainly do it right. When I try someplace new I tend to go with a signature combo but this time around, I made my own.

Have you guys been to any of these places?
Or better yet, do you have any ice cream recs for me?
I'd love to hear them!


  1. I think Mermaid ice cream was one of my favorites of the summer! We have to plan another excursion soon<3 I've been wanting to go back to Stax!

  2. Once again, I was with you for nearly all of these ice cream experiences and I'm totally impressed with myself :p


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