Summer Bucket List Check-In

Technically, there are still two weeks left until the official start of Fall but as I'm writing this (on Sunday while wearing a hoodie), it feels like it's already here and I figured it was time to look back on how I did with my bucket list.

Go to a photography class/meetup • Usually summer is the time when I'm all about taking photos but sadly, I didn't even have any photo shoots with my cousins! I only picked up my camera for my trip to Aruba, a personal day that I spent in the city exploring and for my blog. Clearly, I need to fix this.

Plan a long weekend getawayCarina and I went to Aruba for a long weekend and it was amazing. I'd never been to the Caribbean before and now I can't wait to visit more islands.

Read 3 classics • As I mentioned before, I'm determined to read my dad's top 5 favorite classics and I figured a good way to push myself was to add it to my bucket list. I ended up reading Wuthering Heights, The Little Lame Prince and A Tale of Two Cities.

Try 5 new ice cream places in NYC •  I went to Magnum Ice Cream, Creamistry, The Pint Shop, Grace Street Cafe and Stax Ice Cream.

✗ Go horseback riding • I really, really wanted to cross this one off the list but either my weekends have been packed, I've been lazy or it was just too hot to go horseback riding. Fall, maybe?

Book a trip for fall • Of all the things I'm list, this was the one I felt most strongly about accomplishing and I did! I'm going to London next month and I can't wait!

✗ Go to a festival • This was a no-go. I usually love going to festivals (especially food ones) during summer but unfortunately nothing worked out.

Watch a movie outdoors • The Rooftop Cinema Club was showing The Little Mermaid last week and of course, I had to go! I went with Alexa and DJ and it was so much fun.

Visit something in NYC I've never seen before • I finally visited The Frick Collection! It's such a beautiful museum and one I'd highly recommend checking out if you love art.

Try 1 recipe from my Anne of Green Gables cookbook • This should've been an easy one but I have been feeling extra lazy to cook these days.

Disconnect from my phone/Internet for one day • Surprisingly, I had a much easier time with this than I thought. In the morning, it was definitely instinctive to reach out and automatically open Instagram but I stopped myself. Then I left my phone at home while running errands and ignored it when I got back to my apartment. It actually felt really good to disconnect.

Attend Shakespeare in the Park • One day you guys, one day.

✓ Do one thing outside my comfort zone • Crossing off this last item on my bucket list coincides with my trip to London. More details to come ☺

I crossed out 8 out of 13 things on my list! Not bad right? But the same thing happened again this summer. It was June and it felt like I had so much time to work on my bucket list. Then I blink and suddenly it's August and I'm scrambling to get things done. Summer just flies by so fast! But like I've always said, this bucket list really does push me to do more and I can't wait to do this again next year.

What have you been up to this summer?


  1. I would definitely call this a win! I've always wanted to go to the Frick- I'll have to check it out! And Shakespeare in the Park is a lot of fun. I went to Othello and had wanted to go to Twelfth Night but it was too soon- I was still traumatized from the long wait during the first half of the summer lol!

  2. Honestly, I would LOVE to attend Shakespeare in the Park too, so fingers crossed we can make it happen in 2020! I'd keep it on this list until it FINALLY gets crossed off.


with love,