Summer Essentials

For Winter and Spring, Alexa and I shared our survival kits. But for summer, it’s not about surviving. It’s about relishing every single second and making the most of these three months, which are flying by too quickly for my tastes (can you guess what my favorite season is?). 

That’s why for Summer (and Fall), we’re switching it up a bit to share our essentials instead. And I’m fairly certain that nothing on my list will come as a surprise to anyone! 

1 | Dresses • If I could live in dresses for the entirety of summer I would. The only reason why I don’t is because I don’t own that many (yet!) and to be there, there are so many cute summer tops to be bought and worn with jeans, shorts or skirts. But I am happiest in a summer dress paired with flats or sandals and a cute bag. It’s an effortless look that makes me feel put-together. (I own all the ones pictured: 1 2 3 4)

2 | Ice cream • Obviously this is here! Even though I eat ice cream all year round, the craving is extra strong in warmer weather plus I just make more of an effort to seek out new places to try. Or revisit old favorites which is what I’ve been doing lately. 

3 | Straw bags • I am really into straw bags at the moment. I recently two from Sezane and Mango and I can’t wait to use them. They’re perfect for summer and depending on the style you get, surprisingly classic. (Again I own all these and I love them: 1 2 3)

4 | Yellow everything • Yellow is one of my favorite colors and whether it’s a bag, top or a dress, it’s a color I’ve been gravitating towards a lot lately. It just brightens up my mood. (Pictured: one of my favorite tops!)

5 | Denim jacket •  I leave for work really early in the morning so sometimes it’s a bit cold and my office can get chilly too. A  denim jacket is one of my staples during the summer because I can throw it over all my dresses and I can easily roll up the sleeves or toss it into my bag if needed. I’ve had the same one for years and haven’t found another that fits as well as this one does. (Pictured: not the exact one I own but pretty close)

6 | Sandals • My sandals tend to be on the neutral side but again, I love how easy and comfortable they are.  Nearly all of mine are from Sam Edelman and I always have to stop myself from buying more. (I also owned all the ones pictured: 1 2 3)

7 | Pink lipstick - To be fair, I only really wear pink lipstick/lipgloss but I make an entire effort during summer to swipe some color on before I leave the house. (Pictured, my go-to's: 1 2

8 | Pedicures • I walk a lot so pedicures are a necessity for me. My feet can get so gross! I love going to the nail salon, sitting in the massage chair and relaxing with a book while they make my feet look presentable again. 

What are your essentials for summer? 

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  1. This post is so summery and makes me so happy and nostalgic for that season since we're already approaching winter now. I'm still obsessed with that yellow top most!


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