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Here are some non-bookish articles I really liked this past month and my latest loves.

1 / I loved this article on The EveryGirl about how one woman consciously transformed her friendships. It's so easy and convenient to squeeze in dinners (or happy hours) in an already busy schedule but is the time you're spending together meaningful? Is one dinner a month really enough to be in touch with each other's lives? She offers some really great questions and tips.

2 / Apt. 34's post about "how to throw a simply beautiful brunch" totally makes me want to host brunch or dinner at my apartment.

3 / What Olivia Did is one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers and she wrote this great post about how she doesn't always want to talk about the latest fashions but then she feels like she's "doing it wrong." And what she says is applicable to any niche of blogging. Like do people only want to see my pictures or posts of upcoming 2018 or 2019 books or will they be interested if I feature a book from 5 years ago? (I think not.)

4 / When Jamie Chung posted pictures from her staycation with her husband Bryan Greenberg  – no lie, I tried to find the same AirBnb because it looked beautiful! She did a full blog post on it.

5 / Damsel in Dior shared "6 Surprising Facts about Southpaws" and well, I'm a fan of any blog that chats about how awesome lefties are.

6 / At this point, anyone who follows me knows how much I love ballet and that Stella Abrera is my favorite ballerina. She is the first Filipino-American principal at ABT and just incredible to watch. The New York Times did a piece on her and her story is such an inspiring one.

7 / Awesome career advice: the importance of 401K on Self (seriously, put your money towards this!) and Career Contessa tells us why she's "sick of passion people."

8 / I respect and admire Hannah from So Obsessed With so much and am grateful to be friends with her. She recently shared her thyroid cancer story and I didn't think it was possible, but I adore her even more.

9 / I don't follow many designers but Stefan Sagmeister's work ethic is one I'm very curious about because he does year-long sabbaticals every 7 years. BMW interviewed him on "Designing Happiness" and I just find him so fascinating.

10 / I'm recently getting back into podcasts and a new favorite is Second Life by MyDomaine. Make sure to listen to Mandy Moore and Lauren Conrad's episodes!


1 / The LUNA fofo - Foreo was a part of my summer FabFitFun box (again, so worth it!). I'd tried the Clarisonic Mia a while ago but wasn't impressed so I didn't have high expectations for the Foreo. But I really, really like it! I'm noticing a difference in my skin already and you use the device with an app which tells how long to use it for and on which parts of your face. It's only been a month but so far, so good.

2 / I've gotten a few new sandals for the summer but my go-to is the Joie A La Plage Sable. They're so cute and neutral enough to go with everything.

3 / After my disappointing turn with Drunk Elephant, I tried another hyped up product, Fresh's Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer. This was worth it. I'm already done with my first jar and bought a second one this week. I love the smell, texture and it actually moisturizes my skin. 


Do you have any links or loves to share?
Would love to hear about them!

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  1. You honestly always dig up the best and most relatable posts! I needed to read that one about designing happiness today, and it really resonated.


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