Reviews: Traitor’s Ruin + Grace and Fury

pub 7/10/18 by Imprint
Young Adult - Fantasy
Received ARC from pub
Traitor’s Ruin was one of my most anticipated sequels to be released this year and it did not disappoint. We’re reunited with Sage Fowler and Captain Alex Quinn (just saying their names together makes me want to sigh and/or swoon) who are still engaged but living separate lives. She’s a valued royal tutor and he’s still serving and leading an army. Luckily (for us!), they’re reunited and I was quickly reminded of why I loved these characters and their relationship. Quinn is a good man who wants to do right by the crown, his men and most of all Sage. But that proves difficult when he’s assigned his next mission, not to mention the events of the previous book still weigh heavy on him. And then there’s the ever tenacious Sage. Have I mentioned that I adore her? What I love about her and this book is that her intelligence is so respected. By Quinn, royalty and basically everyone who interacts with her. In fantasy, it’s easy to let physical fighting abilities or magic be the source of strength so I love when it’s intelligence that gets highlighted instead. And Sage’s smarts and quick wits are sorely needed. Or rather, she decides they’re needed (which she’s right about) and soon she’s swept into another cause that can either save her kingdom or destroy it.

Do I recommend? Yes! I really enjoy Beaty’s writing, storytelling skills and obviously, her characters!

pub 7/31/18 by Little, Brown Books
for Young Readers
Young Adult - Fantasy
Reeived from pub via Netgalley
Grace and Fury is the fiercely feminist fantasy series I didn’t know I needed. There’s a lot to be read between the lines (and directly), and while I had my doubts in the beginning, I was soon won over by the two heroines. Sisters Serina and Nomi Tessaro have been preparing their wholes lives the roles, Grace and handmaiden, respectively. Serina sees being a Grace, a woman groomed to stand obediently by the Heir’s side, as her ticket out of their small town and as a way to provide for her family. For Nomi, it’s just another way in which women’s rights have been taken away and she wants no part of it. But it’s time for the Heir to choose his three Graces, it’s headstrong Nomi who catches his eye and Serina who takes the fall for Nomi’s dangerous secrets. Now Nomi is stuck in palace and Serina in prison. These two very different sisters must fend for themselves in different ways and that’s what made the story so interesting. I was equally invested in both perspectives and how their new paths would play out. I did find one to be slightly more predictable than the other at times but was pleased with how it all came together in the end. It left me wanting more (in a good way!) and I’m looking forward to finding out how their stories will continue.

Do I recommend? I do! It’s definitely more about the sisters and not heavy on the romance (although there is some!), which I thought worked for this initial book.

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  1. I'm excited that Grace and Fury ended up being a book we both enjoyed! But, more importantly, rereading your mini-review of The Traitor's Ruin 100% makes me want to continue on with this series.


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