Reviews: Sweet Black Waves + Save the Date

pub 6/5/18 by Imprint
Young Adult - Fantasy Retelling
Received ARC from pub
This book, you guys. Sweet Black Waves had me so emotionally riled up by the end that I didn't even know how to rate it at first. At one point, I actually had to put the book down and text a friend who already read it (Hi DJ!) because my stomach was so in knots over what I was sure would happen next. (I was right.) But let me backtrack. Sweet Black Waves is inspired by the story of Tristan and Eseult and it's one I'm very familiar with. I read the Rosalind Miles books (but didn't finish because the 2nd book was meh) and even watched the movie featuring James Franco (it's not the worst movie I've ever seen) so I was excited to see how debut author Kristina Pérez would interpret this star-crossed tale. And she really did an amazing job. The writing is lush and beautiful and I loved how the book felt like historical fantasy (this feels like a new thing and I'm here for it). If you know the story, then you'll see where she remains true to it but she gives us a much different heroine in Branwen. That's right, Eseult is not the protagonist! Branwen is the best friend and lady-in-waiting to Princess Eseult. She's driven by devotion to her homeland (including the princess and queen) and by memories of her parents, who were killed by raiders. When she accidentally saves the life of her enemy (sound familiar yet?), it opens up her heart and her eyes to a different perspective. But more importantly, it awakens ancient magic within her that allows her to heal. Together they begin to dream of a future with peace between their kingdoms but there are forces against them. As Branwen's powers begin to overwhelm her, she makes decisions that set her, the princess and the man she's now in love with on a dangerous path. And for the record, I'm Team Branwen.

Do I recommend? I do! I will say again that if you know the story, you'll know where it's headed but that doesn't take away from the reading experience one bit.

pub 6/5/18 by Simon Schuster Books
for Young Readers
Young Adult - Contemporary
Received from pub via Netgalley
I've read every Morgan Matson book and consistently given them 4 stars (my favorite is still Amy & Roger's Epic Detour) so I'm just going to come right out and say it, Save the Date was my least favorite. Charlie Grant is the youngest of 5 siblings and she can't wait for all of them to be together under one roof for her older sister's upcoming wedding at their family home. It's an emotional weekend for Charlie because their childhood house is being sold and she sees this weekend as one last nostalgic hurrah. But then everything about the wedding weekend is a disaster. The book takes place over the course of three days and literally every little thing you can imagine going wrong, goes wrong in the most catastrophic of ways. Which is actually my first problem with the book. I can imagine a few things going awry. I can maybe even imagine 5. But when it's literally every possible thing, the story just started to feel like a slapstick comedy and unrealistic. I think that took away from the heart of the book which is this family. It was the siblings and the parents that drew me in the most, even when I didn't like some of them very much. But the complexity of their relationships rang true – even though family can drive you up the wall, you love them anyway and Matson certainly captured that. My other problem was with the main character, Charlie. I just didn't get her? I didn't understand where some of her actions and feelings were coming from, especially in terms of her family and the crush she's had for years on her brother's best friend. I know the story is meant to take place in a short period of time but I think the book would've benefited from showing more of Quinn and her family's past to get why this weekend was both a happy and heavy one.

Do I recommend? As always, Matson's writing is engaging and I certainly flew through the book in spite of everything I just said. I liked it enough but I didn't love it.


  1. Sad to see you didn't love Save the Date! I felt that way about Since You've Been Gone, but I loved The Unexpected Everything. I'll probably still give it a shot.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. I'm sad you didn't love it more, because I adored Save the Date! I'm always into stories with big chaotic families, and I especially loved that this took place over the course of a wedding weekend. But, on the flip side, reading your thoughts about Sweet Black Waves has me really wanting to read it at some point!


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