Ballet Season

How is it possible that our ballet season is over already? I feel like it went by so quickly! For the third year in a row, Alexa and I bought 3-show season tickets to American Ballet Theatre. We tend to choose shows featuring our favorites Stella Abrera, Jeffrey Cirio, and Misty Copeland and preferably ones we haven't seen before. I can't say enough how much I love this summer tradition of ours! There's something exciting about getting dressed up, going to the Metropolitan Opera and waiting for the lights to dim right before the dancers take the stage. Every show I watch only increases my admiration of these ballerinas and we're already talking about what we want to see next year!

La Bayadère • This was the first and my favorite of the ones we watched. It's a love story filled with revenge, gods and set in India. What appealed to most about this ballet was the story and of the three we saw, it was the most interesting and intricate. Dancing-wise, Jeffrey Cirio completely stole the show. Last year he caught our eye as a secondary character but seeing him as the lead was something else. Every time he had a solo, the whole audience erupted into applause. It was also our first time seeing Isabella Boylston dance, who we thought was quite good too. Misty Copeland was in this one as well as the secondary love interest. She has such a stage presence, I just wish we could've seen her dance more!

Harlequinade • This ballet was much more comedic than any of the other ballets we've seen. It's about Harlequin, played by Jeffrey Cirio, who fights for his one true love, Columbine, as her father tries to marry her off to a wealthy suitor. Stella Abrera is also in this as Columbine's close friend who her to defy her father's wishes. Honestly, neither Alexa or I were impressed by the leading lady's performance. She came across as very amateurish, which surprised us both. But at the same time, she's also on stage with Cirio and Abrera, who are both so good at inhabiting their characters and emoting. Honestly whenever they're dancing, even if they aren't the leads, I just don't notice anyone else. 

Romeo & Juliet • I've seen Romeo & Juliet as a ballet a few years ago but it was with The New York City Ballet instead of ABT. I enjoyed it a lot but honestly, it pales in comparison to this version featuring Stella Abrera as Juliet. Remember what I said about her inhabiting the characters? She IS Juliet in this. She's playful, passionate, and mournful. Her dancing is exquisite and I am in awe every single time she dances. She really is the epitome of graceful. If you ever only go to one ballet in your life, make sure Stella Abrera is in it. (Sidenote: This is a very close second for favorite because of Stella but I've just never loved the Romeo & Juliet story.)

I can't wait to do this again next year!


  1. What a cool tradition! I have never been to the Ballet but now I actually really want to go.

  2. Our ballet tradition is the best <3 I truly loved seeing Jeffrey Cirio as a lead! He really stole the show... which Stella also always manages to do, as she's bloody brilliant.


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