What I'm Listening to | March

Each month I'll share five songs I'm loving at the moment and hopefully you'll find a song or two (or all of them!) to love as well.


Coolin' Out - Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats | I've got a thing for blues rock / vintage rhythm & blues. Rateliff's latest singles are more mellow than I'm used hearing from them but I'm really into it!

I Want to Dance with Somebody (cover) - Fall Out Boy | Even I can't believe that I love this cover so much. They remain pretty true to the fun vibe of original while giving it that punk rock edge.

Find - Shallou, Kasbo, Cody Lovaas | It didn't occur to me until I put together my Iceland playlist just how much indie electronic songs I like! If this song had come out before my trip, it definitely would've made the cut.

Pink Lemonade - James Bay | Of the two singles so far, this is my favorite! Every time it plays, I find myself bopping along and wondering who it is. Then I remember it's James. I'm still getting used to this being his new sound but I love it.

Electric Feel - Coast Modern | Clearly, I love covers. "Electric Feel" by MGMT is one of my favorites and I thought Coast Modern also did a great job of paying tribute while doing their own thing.

Which song is your favorite?

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  1. I'm still obsessed with James Bay and both his albums, but I did need a little time for Pink Lemonade to properly grow on me!


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