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This recap is going up a couple days earlier than usual. But all the same, February will be over in 2 days (!) and my trip to Iceland is only 5 days (!!) away. I feel like all I can think about lately is this trip because I am in dire need of a vacation. If you know me in real life, then you know work has not be the greatest lately. So to make up for it, I've had a couple side projects going on (such as all the ApollyCon graphics used for totes, banners, boards, badges, you name it – are done by me!). It's been a great way to fill my time (and wallet) with the extra work but I'm ready for some R&R. Hopefully I will get that, more fun plans and some good news (wish me luck) in March!

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  • Slammed (San Francisco Thunder, #2) by Victoria Denault - 3.5 stars; I love hockey romances so that was a plus and I liked the family dynamics but I felt overall, the story got bogged down by other side plots (ie. the only two other women in the book are such unnecessary cliches). 
  • Normal (Something More, #1) by Danielle Pearl - 3 stars; I wanted to finally start at the very beginning of Pearl's Something More series to see where it all began. There were a lot of things I liked about Rory and Cap's story (basically their every interaction) but the book was just too long. 
  • Okay (Something More, #2) by Danielle Pearl - 4 stars; Rory and Cap's story spills into book 2 and I enjoyed this one far more. It was still too long and could've used a ton of editing but the pacing felt better and I was more emotionally tied to the story. 
  • Moonlight Sins (de Vincent #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout - 4 stars; A little bit of mystery, a lot of romance, hot brothers and a relatable heroine made for a solid first book in JLA's new series. 
  • Roomies by Christina Lauren - 4.5 stars; THIS  BOOK. I had never read anything  by Christina Lauren before and with ApollyCon coming up (I'll be there!), this was on my list of books to read before the event. And I am so, so glad I did. It's fun, swoonworthy and I just loved the main characters so much. 

How's your month been?

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  1. Roomies was such a fun read, and I'm glad that was also my first Christina Lauren!


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