Life lately, according to my iPhone

The last couple of weeks have been filled with book events (yay!), ice cream, friends, family, photography sessions and shopping. Basically all the things that make me happy.

Now, onto the photos:

I'm a new Holly Black fan but after reading The Cruel Prince and listening to her speak in person, how could I not be? It was fun to attend this event with Alexa and Kristin!
I totally fangirled over meeting A.C. Gaughen. I mentioned my Twitter handle and she was immediately like, yes you're the girl who made her friend read Reign the Earth! (Very true.) Friend = Alexa, naturally.
I love the minimalist aesthetic of Gotham Coffee Roasters and their coffee • Stuffed Ice Cream NYC is in my top 5 favorites now! The combo of warm donut with ice cream is an absolute winner. I got Unicorn Poop (glazed donut + white chocolate lavender and Thai tea ice cream, condensed milk and fruity pebbles) and I want to go back already.
Family party! We went to a local buffet for lunch a couple weekends ago • my brand new shelves that my cousin built for me! (Not pictured: my other cousins coming over for dinner and a Star War movies + puzzle night.)
Candles! Over the winter break, I ended up finishing a ton of candles and decided to restock. I recently got these from Canterbury Road and Court of Candles.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Ooh, that event with Holly Black and Melissa Albert was delightful! They're both so eloquent and it was lovely to hear them chat about their books, and writing and books in general.


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