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December is always busy because of the holidays but this year was at another level. There was one week where I had a different Christmas dinner (lunch or breakfast) every single day. I had a week off from work that I spent either cleaning my apartment, sitting on the couch soaking in as much relaxation as possible or going out with family. Then of course there was Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve to celebrate. And I enjoyed every. single. minute. of. it.

Here are some photos from the last few weeks:

I kicked off my holidays with Alexa and DJ at Saigon Market, which is one of my favorite restaurants. It's always lovely to see these two but the icing on the cake was when Ansel Elgort (you'll alway be the whiny brother from Divergent to me) showed up with friends to sit at the table next to hours.
Alexa and I had our own dinner to exchange presents and we met up at Zero Otto Nove. I got the linguine con vongole which was delicious, and perfectly portioned (for me). I ate everything on my plate!
Then Carina and I did our annual holiday dinner and we both pointed out how we've had this tradition for 10+ years now! Crazy, right? We went to Cafe Matisse which was this cozy, sorta upscale restaurant with an incredible tasting menu. I love all my courses but the scallops was my favorite.
Christmas Eve with my parents (in our matching green outfits) • Actual Christmas Day get-together with the family. This is from the Secret Santa portion of the night!
In case you couldn't tell yet, the theme for Christmas Day was plaid. Also, I know all these photos are technically supposed to be from my iPhone but I couldn't resist including the photo on the left, taken with my cousin's drone. As for the photo on the right, I have no idea what's happening there haha.
Again, I'm cheating by including non-iPhone photos but I'm really proud of these two shots! My cousin and I went spent a very cold afternoon taking photos at the Paterson Falls National Park and Palisades Interstate Park. I jokingly told him that I wanted to practice taking photos while it's freezing  out for my Iceland trip. Luckily he decided to humor me. 
New Year's Eve with the family! As always this means lots of food and cake.
I bought party hats for NYE specifically for photos and I'm so happy I did. It made the photos so fun and I especially love the one with our parents. They look so cute.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. I love the holidays! Getting together with family and friends is always a treat. So looking forward to our 2019 holiday plans!


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