Best wedding ever

My younger cousin got married last week! I took two days off from work and for four days it was nothing but spending time with family and running around doing wedding stuff and completely wonderful. Anyone who's asked me about the wedding has heard me say that it was the best wedding I've ever been to and I truly mean that. 

Every detail from the ceremony to reception embodied their personalities. It was so sincere and you could see in every moment just how much they love each other. They've been dating for 10 years and I've been there to see their relationship grow throughout that time, but their wedding day was really something special. I spent the first half crying (seriously, the ceremony, first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, MOH speech, best man speech -- I'm surprised I had any make-up left!) and then the rest of it laughing and dancing. It kind of felt like a concert! My voice was hoarse from all the singing and talking by the end of the night and my feet definitely hurt too. I think it's also a very different experience when you know the majority of the guests and enjoy being a part the bridal party because all the other bridesmaids and groomsmen are so nice (it helps that I've known most of them for a while too!). It's a day I won't ever forget. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures (that I either managed to take or got from fam & friends)

bride + bridesmaids get manis, pedis and lunch before the big day!  •  my cousin wrote a song for his and his wife's parents for the reception and we all accompanied him on ukuleles
the bridal party and the beautiful bride getting all glammed up for the wedding; plus getting some ukulele practice in too
my parents looking great (I took my mom shopping for a new dress and shoes) • with my younger cousin aka the best man and our nephew aka the ring bearer 
bridesmaids (this is also my favorite BM dress I've ever worn) • with my two cousins
with the newlyweds! • another bridesmaids shot I love
with my cousins & newlyweds; these two are like my brothers and I can't believe one of them is married now! • chillest bride ever
first dance; my cousin and aunt having their mother-son dance moment

What's the best wedding you've ever been and why?


  1. This looks like such a fun wedding! And you look beautiful! That color green really works for you!

  2. This wedding looks so dang beautiful <3 I'm so happy it was such a warm, wonderful affair!


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