Road trips, bridal showers and apple picking

I know I always say I love summer (and I do!) but my fall has been off to a wonderful start. 

Road trip to see Sarah J. Maas
It's been a while since Sarah J. Maas has been to New York for a signing (not since Queen of Shadows!), so when DJ asked if Alexa and I were going to Pennsylvania to see her, we thought – why not? The three of us decided to make it a road trip, with yours truly driving, and luckily the powers that be gave us a chance to see Sarah backstage too! It was 100% worth it to make the drive. The event was moderated by our friend Steph of No BS Book Reviews and she did a great job of mixing fun questions with more serious ones. As always, Sarah gave equally thoughtful and hilarious answers which I've come to expect from all her panels. She's just so passionate about her writing, her fans and her family who seems to inspire her every step of the way. I love listening to her speak and I love getting to hang out with her even more. We only got a about 10 minutes with her but it was just so nice to see her again. I really hope they do something in New York next year for the last Throne of Glass book. But if not, DJ, Alexa and I will definitely do another road trip to celebrate!

Us + Chaol (the Funko) arriving at the event • Steph and Sarah
So nice to see Sarah again! • Geeking out over our love of Throne of Glass

Bridal shower
My younger cousin is getting married next month and I still can't wrap my mind about it! (And when I say younger, he's actually 29 but I can't help seeing him as a teenager half the time!) I'm one of the bridesmaids and we just threw the bridal shower a couple weekends ago. The Maid of Honor put me in charge of the dessert table since the bride-to-be loves my red velvet cupcakes. I've never had to do a whole table before but you know me, I wanted to make everything myself. Luckily my other cousin came over to help but I pretty much spent the entire day baking. I was super happy with the results though (as were the guests if the empty table by the end was any indication) and the shower itself turned out beautiful.

my cousin, bride-to-be, me and cousin-in-law • full view of the dessert table
I made: red velvet cupcakes, white chocolate latte truffles, heart-shaped rice krispie treats and chocolate drizzled pretzels. 

Apple picking
My cousins and I went apple picking this past weekend in Warwick, NY. It seemed like everyone had the same idea (and I guess this is a very popular spot?) because it was packed. We picked apples, got apple cider and donuts and took a ton of photos. I love these outings with my cousins. Funnily enough though, I don't really eat apples? I just like apple picking and after, I enjoy making apple pies which is exactly what I did.

Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery
With the cousins • the apple pie I baked


What have you been up to? 


  1. Ahh so exciting that you guys got to see Sarah! I have yet to attend one of her signings (I'm scared of the huge crowds she draws!) but I really do want to go to one in the future! The dessert table you prepared looks incredible! I'm sure the bride-to-be was so thankful for all of your hard work! And I'm also hoping to do my yearly apple / pumpkin picking trip sometime soon!

  2. Your dessert table looks so cute! And I will always and forever cherish that road trip we went on just to see Sarah <3


with love,