Review: Love Her Wild by Atticus

Love Her Wild by Atticus
pub 7/11/17 by Atria Books
Received finished copy from pub
I have to admit, I didn't know anything about Atticus when I was first approached about his new collection of poems. But I had recently fallen back in love with poetry (see: Beau Taplin and Rupi Kaur) and was eager to find another poet whose words could really speak to me. And luckily, I read through Love Her Wild in one sitting (while on the beach no less!) and soaked up every word.

First of all, the actual book itself is beautiful. As a designer, I couldn't help but notice the gorgeous black and white photography and the different typography too. All the visuals just helped to support Atticus' words and style. When you think about traditional poetry, I know exactly what we all imagine (basically, what we learned in school) and I think Atticus' approach is representative of a lot of modern day poets–minimalistic and heartfelt. He gets right to how he's feeling and it's almost as if he's speaking right to me.

The collection is divided into three parts: Love, Her and Wild (sound familiar?) and it's hard to choose which section was my favorite. He just writes so eloquently about falling in love, the particular girl he's fallen in love with and how he approaches life. I've since started following him on Instagram and I'm looking forward to whatever he comes up with next.

Do I recommend? If you love poetry, or even if you don't, I recommend picking up this book!

a peek of the inside!

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  1. I remember you showing me a few snippets of the poetry in this one, and it was really good stuff! I'm so glad you loved it, and I still have to check out all the ones you've mentioned loving ;)


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