Life lately, according to my iPhone

Life lately has been filled with birthday celebrations, ice cream outings, friends and books (as usual). Basically everything I need to distract me from the more stressful things going on these days!

With some of my cousins (plus aunt & uncle who aren't in the picture) to celebrate my dad's 80th (!) birthday. I don't get to spend a lot of time with this side of the family so it was nice that a bunch of them came to Jersey for dinner. 
I organized a family get together to celebrate my mom, dad and two cousins birthdays since they all fall within two weeks of each other. (Lots of summer babies in my fam!) 
There were three cakes but I thought this one was the prettiest 
(but also funny because my mom's nickname is Eve, not Ebe).
I crossed off two more places off my ice cream list! I'll talk more about it in-depth when I do my end-of-summer ice cream check-in but I enjoyed both New Territories (left) and La Newyorkina (right) a lot.
For my birthday, Carina and I planned to have a spa day together but neither of us had the same free weekend until late July. (Oh life.) But it was well worth it because SoJo Spa Club was amazing! We initially thought we'd only be there a couple hours but we ended up staying the whole day! They had many indoor and outdoor heated pools, saunas, nap areas and massages/facials. We're already wondering when we can go back.
I read Warcross last week and it'll be hard for any other book I read this month to top that read! Wow. • Brunch with Mary Ann at our usual spot, Raymond's.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Now you just have to read The Cruel Prince<3! I'm glad you enjoyed Warcross!

  2. All of the ice cream, always! Also, I love seeing your family celebration photos, because they always make me think of Filipino parties ;) Yay for finally reading Warcross and I second Kristin - time to read The Cruel Prince!


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