Travel, shows and other things I love

It's been a strange past couple of weeks so it seemed like a good time to check in, potentially vent, chat about happy stuff and freak out over the fact that it's nearly two weeks into April already. (But seriously, how is that possible?) There's just some uncertainty hanging over my head in a few aspects of my life so to distract myself, I'm doing what I do best.

Planning all the things.

I'm headed to San Francisco for work next so I've been looking up stuff to do – namely where to eat – and I could just use a change of scenery to be honest. But I'm throwing most of my wanderlust energy into the Barcelona trip! (Have I mentioned that I'm going? I don't even remember.) I can't believe it's next month already. It feels like it was only last week that I was aggressively texting my BFF every day about booking flights and a hotel and now here we are, ready to get to the details. And I may have possibly put together an itinerary already so I should probably email that to her tonight. Again, the change of scenery could not come at a better time.

Photo c/o Alexa
But there's been lots of other fun stuff to distract me. On Friday, Alexa and I went to see the new musical Anastasia, which I enjoyed! My favorite parts were the music (I wanted to sing along so badly!), the set design (super impressive), the first half, Nana being played by Grams from Dawson's Creek, and how the story was adapted to be more realistic in comparison to the movie. The second half dragged a bit though and I did think the acting got unnecessarily over the top, but still very enjoyable overall. Next shows on my list: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Amelie!

From this past Saturday: finally sat on the
infinity bench at the Strand!
I've also been thinking about something a coworker asked me over dinner this last week. He asked me what my hobbies are and you know, I kinda hate that question. It always makes me pause and usually the first answer I think of is books because obviously. But saying it's a hobby doesn't even begin to encompass how I feel about reading. And of course, hours later I think of a million other things I could've said. Like decorating my apartment, blogging, photography, cooking, travel, going to shows (of the ballet, Broadway and concert variety) and so much more. Maybe it's just me but I don't really think of those things as "hobbies" though – just stuff that I love and feel passionate about.

I think I'm slightly fixating on it because a couple weeks ago I took a mental day off and I was amazed by how much I did in one day once work was out of the equation (can I just win the lottery please?). I had time to do a bunch of those aforementioned things that I love, listened to a new podcast, ran errands, did a yoga workout, stopped by my parents' house and still got to be a couch potato for a few hours. I need at least three days like that per week, if not more.

What have you been up to lately? Any plans or shows?
I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I totally get needing more time away from work! My weekends are usually spent running around, cramming all these super fun/not-so-fun errands in because my weeks are usually shot because work is so mentally draining. I've got a long-weekend coming up and it can NOT get here soon enough!

  2. I don't get to the city for shows too often, but I am a subscriber at a nearby theater (Paper Mill Playhouse), and they have great productions at half the price and I get to stay in the burbs.
    Sam @ WLABB

  3. I love that we get to do so many fun things together! It was really lovely to see Anastasia, and I'm quite impressed by how they staged it.


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