Table for Two #1: Burger & Lobster

I'm really excited that Alexa of Alexa Loves Books and I have teamed up once more to bring you a brand new collaboration that involves two of our favorite things - New York City and food. We're proud to introduce Table for Two, where the two of us will be highlighting restaurants and dessert spots in New York City. You'll be hearing our personal opinions on the place and the food, as well as where you can go to try it out for yourself.

To kick things off, Alexa and I had dinner at Burger & Lobster and then ended the night with donuts from Dough, which you can read about on Alexa's blog.

Burger & Lobster has restaurants in various parts of the world but only one located in New York and that's in the Flatiron area. (Same street as Dough actually!) It's a pretty big place filled with tons of booths, tables and an impressive bar area if you enjoy going to happy hours. At first glance, it looks like the kind of restaurant that probably gets busy fast but luckily for us, we got seated right away.

I thought the food was really good! We may be a little biased since we both love lobster but I was very happy with my order. It was hard to settle on one because they had so many tempting options and combos to choose from but in the end, I settled on the Original Lobster (1.5 lb whole lobster with fries and salad) and Alexa got the Original Lobster Roll (lobster tossed in Japanese mayo with chives). The lobster was fresh and paired really well with the garlic butter. (I may have dipped my fries in it too!) Plus we decided to get mock-tails: the Flirty Flatiron (melon puree, lemonade, splash of sprite) and Puttin' on the Spritz (green tea, pineapple, lime, splash of soda ). I am not embarrassed to admit that I totally downed mine. 

Between the food, the drinks and the excellent service (we adored our waiter), it was a great dinner! I can definitely see us coming back here and given the decent prices, we most likely will. 

You can find Burger & Lobster on 19th St, between 5th and 6th. Let us know if you check it out!

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  1. I loved the location a lot, and think that they way they did it up was really great! Plus, the food was delicious. I'd definitely go back ;)


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