Stacking the Shelves (36)

I am so happy with my book purchases this month! Mainly because I’m delving into a different genre — poetry! It’s so out of the norm for me and I didn’t think I needed a palate cleanser but apparently I did! Then other than that, I haven’t bought many other books and I don’t have any review books for the rest of summer (aside from Friends with ARCs stuff). Which means.. it’s all about my TBR! I’m at an all-time low of 8 books and I’m not going to lie, it feels amazing. If I can get down to 5, I’ll start taking out library books again as my reward. Can’t wait!

Now, onto the books!


Finished copies
Thanks MIRA Books!
The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz
Daughters of the Bride by Susan Mallery
Thanks Estelle/Workman Pub!
Who Wins? by Clay Swartz

What new books have you guys gotten lately?


  1. Go go Rachel! I got a copy of Who Wins? this week and I have been having a blast playing around with it with the kids and teens at my library.

  2. Yay for The Problem with Forever. I just read that one was a really good book. Enjoy! :)


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