Photo Session at Duke Farms

When I decided to buy my Sony Alpha a6000, two of my cousins were already into photography which made learning how to use my camera that much more fun. We'd had done a little photo walk before but then I found a list of "15 Amazing Places In New Jersey That Are A Photo-Taking Paradise" and wanted us to go to at least two of these places before the summer ended.

This past weekend we finally went to one spot – Duke Farms! It's a beautiful location with so much to see. Of course we picked the day of a heat wave to be outdoors so we only covered about 1/4 of the farm. There were greenhouses, flowers, sculptures, lakes and more. We're definitely going to go back but during the fall when the leaves are changing color and it's a bit cooler. I have to admit the heat was definitely distracting while taking photos but I took a few that I'm super happy with. Here are five of my favorite shots!

Hay Barn which are ruins that the owner converted into an outdoor sculpture gallery

Blue skies and endless views of flowers, grass and trees

Inside the Orchid Range, a greenhouse filled with flowers 

Standing in Green Meadow while looking up at the steps leading to Old Foundation, an abandoned mansion product (also, I love the names on this farm!)

I love taking pictures of flowers.

Are any of you guys into photography?
And if so, I'd welcome any and all tips!

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  1. Yay for photography sessions! These photos make me want to go out and explore, which I think is a really good thing ;)


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