Tori Kelly Concert + Some Photography

I did two really fun things this past weekend – went to the Tori Kelly concert with friends and got an impromptu photography lesson from my cousins!

Tori Kelly concert
I've been a fan of Tori Kelly's since I found her covers on YouTube and it was cool to see her live. Not only does this woman sound amazing in person but she can play the guitar and the drums! (The latter was a surprise!) She sang all my favorite songs including a medley of the covers that made her famous. But if I'm being totally honest, this concert made me realize one very important thing. I don't think I can go to shows where there are a lot of teenagers! (Sorry younger blog readers!) There were four girls sitting in front of us and for 90% of the show they were just taking selfies and videos of themselves, mostly to put on Snapchat. My age is definitely showing here when I say... how are you supposed to enjoy the music like that?! But aside from that distraction, it was fun going to dinner and a show with Carina and Loren.

dinner at Playa Betty's / selfies while we wait on line for...

cookies from Levain Bakery! / inside Beacon Theatre
Really pretty venue / Tory Kelly!

Photography Session
Two of my cousins are really into photography and since I got my Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera, they've been teasing me saying that my camera is probably collecting dust. Which isn't (totally) true! I've been using it for taking pictures of books and sparingly on trips but I haven't made enough effort to really learn how to use my camera. So when they called me on Saturday to grab lunch and walk around the William D. McDowell Observatory to take photos, I had to say yes. My older cousin gave me some good tips and I just really enjoyed walking around, talking and playing around with different shots. I took a ton of photos but here are my favorites which I'm really proud of!

one of my favorite views from the entire walk/trail
There were a lot of benches along the way but this one stood out to me
Who knew power lines could look kinda pretty
I'm a sucker for any kind of shot that has blue skies & fluffy white clouds in it
Trying to be artsy 
The shape on the ground reminded me of an eye (with a tree in the middle)

How was your weekend?
Are any of you Tori Kelly fans or into photography too?

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  1. Yay for Tori Kelly! She really is very good live ;) And yay for practicing photography. I had to kind of learn my new camera on the fly in Europe, but I think it turned out well!


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