Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (111)

RACHEL •  "With You" by Clément Bazin
When I'm at my desk working, I prefer to have music playing in the background. Usually something upbeat and catchy without being too distracting since I'm supposed to focus. This song? Totally fits the bill.

CARINA • "2shy" by Shura
I love the 80's vibe and Janet Jackson feel of this song. Perfect summer song to listen to. Reminds me of how I felt with my first crush. Brings back memories.

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  1. I love whenever you ladies do this post! With You is totally one of those dance songs that I'd totally rock out to if I went out with my friends to the club; 2Shy is definitely a throwback to an older era. As always, thanks for the new songs to listen to!


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