Happy Thoughts

It's been three months since my last "Happy Thoughts" post and I'm long overdue! I love doing these because it's really relaxing and motivating to take a moment to just focus on everything going right in your life. Especially when it's usually so much easier to feel overwhelmed by the bad.

So, here's what's putting a smile on my face these days!

cheating on my "no soda during the week" rule 
seeing Misty Copeland & Stella Abrera dance for the first time 
wearing dresses and flats to work again
group text messages with friends (Inner Circle!)
my brand new fridge = a working freezer = ice cream!
the awesomeness of GoT, Orphan Black, Grey’s + The Flash
books that give me all the feels 
my new plants are still alive and thriving 
weekend manis + pedis (with my BFF or on my own)
hugs and phone calls with my mom 
movie outings with my cousins 
trying out new recipes from SkinnyTaste and loving them
feeling good about work and my career
a new notebook for bullet journaling 
Yuna's new album which I adore
thinking about my Dublin trip 
and trying to plan more trip and little getaways for the year

What are your happy thoughts?

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  1. I love reading your happy thoughts posts, R. They always serve as reminders for me to also go out of my way to stop and think about all the good things in my life, especially when I feel like I'm getting overwhelmed! I love that I can spot quite a few items on this list that I happen to be involved in ;)


with love,