Links + Loves

One of the features I had on Roses & Coffee was the Weekly 10 and I've decided to bring that feature over to Hello, Chelly but with a slight makeover. I also want to point out that I am not the originator of the cute name "Links + Loves". It's a fairly often used title and there are many variations of this feature around the lifestyle blogosphere! (Similar to my Life lately, according to my iPhone feature.)

So once a month, I'll be sharing non-bookish links to interesting articles or blog posts that I've read and things I'm currently loving at the moment.

1 / Even though my situation is completely different, I related to this post on The EveryGirl about stepping out of your comfort zone to find adventure.

2 / I read this article, Relying on Friendship in a World Made for Couples, over a month ago but it feels more and more important and relevant to me all the time.

3 / I tried bullet journaling back in January but it didn't stick. Then Hannah shared a link from The Lazy Collective on how to bullet journal, which totally simplified things and made me a convert.

4 / What I like about Meg Fee's post on stress is how she tries to find the positive in it and I agree with what she has to say.

5 / When Estelle sent me a link to The Financial Diet's post, "What You're Allowed to Demand from Your Friendships, it described exactly what I'd been feeling with certain people in my life over the years and still do currently.

6 / I just discovered Everywhereist recently and was going through her backlog of posts when I saw, "How To Be Happy Forever". Of course I had to read it with that a title like that and I'm glad I did.


Right now I'm really into Mario Badescu products (currently using rosewater facial spray, keratoplast cream soap, chamomile night cream), these flats from Express and Snapchat (add me!).


  1. I'm so excited that you'll be bringing over some post ideas from Roses + Coffee. I really enjoyed that blog! I just got very similar flats to the ones you posted! I love them but I'm still trying to figure out what to wear them with.

  2. I really love posts like this one, and the articles you've shared are great! I love Meg Fee and all the stuff she shares on her blog, so that's one I was already aware of. I am, however, so glad to have discovered The Everywhereist via such an excellent post that you've shared, so thanks for that :)


with love,