Bedroom Makeover

I’ve made no secret of how much I love decorating my apartment. My focus has mainly been on the living room and dining/entryway area since it’s one big space where I usually spend most of my time. Then for the bathroom and kitchen, I just change up the decor or how I arrange and store things from time to time but it’s mostly stayed the same for a while now.

But my bedroom. Ugh. It’s been bothering me for what seems like forever! It’s the one room I spent the least amount of thought and planning on. When I moved in, there were only three things I knew for certain in regards to the set up: the walls would be purple, I’d bring over my old dresser from my parent’s house because I didn’t want to spend money on a new one and I’d splurge on a mattress because I thought that was important. Otherwise, my room has been this hodgepodge of adding random IKEA furniture when I needed more storage. And don’t even get me started on the decor. I mean, I know I'm making it sound much worse than it actually was. But in comparison to the rest of my home, it was severely lacking.

So last year, the one project I wanted to finish (which sorta extended into the beginning of this year) was redo my bedroom entirely. And this time, I really planned it out! I did mood boards, looked at a bunch of different websites (many, many times) and thought long and hard about the layout. I even painted it a new color, with the help of my best friend Carina. The result is something I’m super proud of so I thought it would be fun to share the before and after of this transformation.

Keep in mind that these are old photos I was able to find in my iMessage history with Carina as I whined about how my bedroom looked.

I’ve had purple walls for years now, even at my parents’ house. As much as I love the color, it was time for a change. Plus I was starting to feel restrained with the colors of the bedding and decorations I could choose. I had to stick to mostly white, gray, yellow or purple. Also, I never realized how low all my furniture was, like the bed and the cubes for storing my bags, until I started really scrutinizing my room. Then the walls were too bare and I didn't like how anything was organized. I can go on and on. (But I promise, I'm stopping.)

I started off with painting my walls and it’s crazy what a difference a single color can make. The light gray, with a subtle hint of purple undertones, made the room feels so calm and peaceful. I couldn’t stop admiring it the first week. Then the bed! That was my big splurge. I really wanted a frame with a tufted headboard and spent months scouring Wayfair for the perfect one.

The next two important pieces of furniture to add were the vanity and a new dresser that would be big enough to hold my clothes and my bags. (Yes, I use only the 2 smaller drawers for undergarments and 1 full-sized drawer for clothes; the rest of my dresser is for my bags. And the rest of my clothes are hanging in the closet.)

Lastly, decoration! And by that, I mean everything from framed photos, prints that I hung up or propped up against the wall, bedding, the last minute decision to get a shaggy bedside rug (I love stepping onto it when I first wake up!) and even how I organized my jewelry (which kind of feels like decoration too).

It all worked out even better than I imagined. Not to mention that taking apart my bedroom gave me another opportunity to get rid of things I wasn’t using. I'm definitely not planning to make any more changes anytime soon (unless it’s to add more art). But needless to say, I really, really love my bedroom now!


What do you think of my changes?
What are some home projects you’ve worked on lately?


  1. I have the same dresser!! I love Ikea! Anyhow, you did such a good job consolidating. I'm super horrible at that. And I LOVE the headboard. That's something I've been putting off buying as well.... because how many people actually ever see my bedroom anyhow??? But seeing your bed looking all grown up and classy, makes me want to put that back on my list of house priorities. Cute re-do!!!

  2. Your bedroom looks amazing! Who knew a good bit of planning and a coat of paint could make such a difference? I really like the new wall colour, it really does brighten the room and makes it feel very calming. And your framed prints are so cool, I am very jealous. I always think I'm going to get myself some really cool framed artwork and then never do anything about it.

  3. That headboard is gorgeous! The color palette is very calming. :)

  4. You already know that I LOVE what you've done with your new room! Like seriously, I admire how much thought went into it and how it all came together <3

  5. It looks amazing! Very inviting and relaxing; can you come make-over mine? lol


with love,