Style Essentials | Winter Is Here

As I mentioned, last year's project of creating a lifestyle blog with my best friend didn't quite pan out. It was fun while it lasted though and the experience reminded me that I should talk about all the things I love on here. In my four year anniversary post, I touched upon this and how I've been slowly but surely re-introducing my personal side again and lately I'm feeling more determined to do just that.

So, I'm bringing over a couple of the features I created on Roses & Coffee starting today with Style Essentials. If you know me in real life or follow me on Twitter, you know that I love to shop, whether it's for me or my apartment. But okay, mostly for me. Whenever the mood strikes I'll be sharing my essentials of the moment and right now, I am all about keeping nice and warm since it actually feels like winter now.

[l-r: Modcloth cardiganGap jeansJ.Crew cardigan]
When it comes down to it, I'm a jeans, cardigan and flats kind of gal. I wear a lot of my tops all year round and just put a cardigan on when the weather cools. Right now, I'm super into: my black Gap skinny jeans because they're easy to dress up or down, a navy J. Crew cardigan which matches everything and a yellow Modcloth cardigan that gives me a much-needed pop of color. (I wear a lot of black, greys and blues.)

[l-r: Sole society scarfNUXE lip balmYu-Be moisturizer; J.Crew ParkaAerosoles bootsMarc Fisher boots]
These things are my absolute go-to's right now. I first saw this scarf on Extra Petite (how does she wrap it like that?) and bought it immediately but didn't start using it until a couple weeks ago. I've gotten lots of compliments on how warm it looks and it really is! Along with a scarf, glittens are another winter necessity (cozy and I can still text). But of course, the coat is the most important thing. I have a couple that I love but my current favorite is the Chateau wool parka from J.Crew (mine is navy), which I got on sale during Black Friday. Next up, my skin and lips. Winter does not do me any favors in that department. But this lip balm and moisturizer really help. Both are a bit thick so I tend to use the former mostly overnight (although I do reapply lightly throughout the day) and the latter in the morning before putting on my makeup and only on the areas where I need it. And lastly, boots! I am all about the knee high boots when it's cold and pretty much live in my riding ones during winter.

[l-r: Madewell sweater; J.Crew tunic; Aritzia plaid; Ariztia Brauw t-shirt; AE Joshua Tree sweater]
I realized I've wearing cardigans over all of my short-sleeve and sleeveless tops and had practically no sweaters or long-sleeves that I liked. I decided it was time I started investing in some and the ones I've gotten (and am showing here) are all a mix of Madewell, J. Crew, Aritzia, and American Eagle. I'm really happy with the purchases so far and I'm starting to wear them even more than my beloved cardigans!


I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I've been up to shopping-wise!
What are YOUR winter essentials?


  1. I love the ModCloth Charter Cardigan! I have it so many colors. Winter, Spring, Summer of Fall, it's such a wardrobe staple for me. I love how versatile they are and how they can add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit!

  2. Ah I love ModCloth but money ;-;. My winter essentials have been, fuzzy socks, Uniqlo heat-tech, and tea. A lot of hot tea.

  3. oh! Love all of this!! I've been looking at the same coat from JCrew for a while now and I just may have to get one now that I know you love it. And that scarf is perfect!

    My winter essentials are definitely beanies. I HAVE SO MANY IT is getting a little out of control. But for sure any of them from Zara.

  4. I basically want to spend all of my money now, thanks to you! I'm particularly in love with the parka (which I really do want, but in red) and with those jeans. I'm on the hunt for a new pair of jeans (I've worn out a ton of mine), and I wear them pretty much every day so it needs to be something I invest in.

    Also, loving the start of more personal posts on here!! <3

  5. That Modcloth cardigan is darling looking! Love! And I like the way the first sweater you listed looks, it's pretty! :)

    My Winter essentials? Definitely sweaters, jeans, and different leggings to wear with my favorite dresses in the Winter! :)


with love,