A Truthwitch Affair | 3 Questions with Susan Dennard

All week long, Alexa of Alexa Loves Books and I will be showing our love and enthusiasm 
for Susan Dennard's new fantasy series Truthwitch. 

It's the last day of our Truthwitch appreciation week and joining us today is the lovely Susan Dennard! She'll be answering three questions on my blog and then three more on Alexa's. Susan and I will be chatting about fantasy, Safi and Iseult and the many men of Truthwitch!

1. Tell us about your experience writing a high fantasy series. What were the similarities/differences you experienced in comparison to writing your debut series?

Well, on the one hand it was easier because I grew up on a diet of mostly adult fantasy. So stepping into a world of magic and monsters and war felt natural. That said, it’s a much larger series than my first — more characters, more moving parts, a larger world, and more at stake. So the creation (and revisions) of the story took much longer than my first series. Like, I write in layers — bare bones story first, then add more and more with each pass through. Truthwitch (and its sequels) has demanded many more passes and layers.

2. Of the two female leads - Iseult and Safi - which one do you relate to the most and why?

Honestly, neither lead is more like me! I consider them both to be facets of myself. At times, I’m really outgoing and comfortable in my skin. I like to laugh and make a bit of trouble — just like Safi. ;) I also hate planning ahead. Hate, hate, hate it.

But then, there are times (especially in my teen years) when I’m shy and miserable with my skin/body/self. And when it comes to in-the-moment decisions, I’m much less reactive and more thoughtful.

And then of course, Safi and Iseult are totally their own people too. They have so many qualities I wish I had…and some flaws I definitely don’t want. ;)

3. Everyone will be meeting the men in your book soon (or already have!) and we thought it might be fun to play a round of Kiss Marry Kill with Merik, Aeduan and Kullen! Who would you pick?

NO!!! I can’t play that game. Seriously. The thought of killing any of them makes me too sad inside. :((((

How about Kiss, Marry, Give away? ;) Then I’d kiss Aeduan, marry Merik, and give Kullen away.


Thank you Susan for joining me on the blog today!
And thank you to everyone who followed A Truthwitch Affair this week!

Make sure to check out the rest of Susan's interview over at Alexa's blog 

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  1. If Susan gives Kullen away, I will gladly adopt him. I'm just saying ;)


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