Stacking the Shelves (29)

This is going to sound funny but I am so proud of how small my stack is right now! Since Thanksgiving, I've been making a point to not buy (a lot of) books because of the holidays and I've stuck to it. (I may be singing a different tune in January.) But I did have a field day when HarperTeen added all their 2016 ARCs! I'm seriously excited for all these books.

Anyway, onto the haul!


Finished copies
Thicker Than Water by Brigid Kemmerer

What new books have you guys gotten lately?


  1. My blogging buddy Elizabeth sent me a signed PB of Feed because she wants me to read a Zombie story so terribly much. I also just joined Pulseit and got a free download of Unwind. I got a few ebooks on sale including the third ToG book of which I haven't read any of them yet. Lol. II akso just got Neil Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane for $1.99 a few minutes ago. I am so jealous you have This Savage Song! I would have commited a felony for that ARC, ha ha. :)

  2. I also snagged a copy from This savage song from Edelweiss, together with The crown's game and Lady Jane. I can't wait to read these three titles :) Happy reading!


  3. I'm so proud of your tiny book haul! I wish I had shown that much self-restraint, but alas, it was not meant to be (as you will see in tomorrow's post). I'm quite happy to see that the Wallflowers book is in this haul though ;)


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