Books in Real Life, Episode 10: Bunheads

For this month's Books In Real Life we chose... Bunheads by Sophie Flack! Of all the ballet books I've read, this one remains my favorite. It realistically captures the day-to-day life of ballerina without going into the over-the-top Black Swan-inspired antics a lot of other stories do (which is really popular and I don't quite get it!). But this book sticks to the dancing. The beauty of ballet, the struggles ballerinas go through, the relationships complicated by competition and wondering if there's another choice. We've been wanting to feature this book for a while now and the perfect opportunity came when we decided to buy tickets for The Nutcracker! (Plus this ballet is mentioned in the book too!)

The Nutcracker!

Inside the theatre and sneaking in a few pictures during the intermission!

After the wonderful show, we walked around (and possibly stopped by the souvenir stand). 

It was freezing outside but we took a few minutes to admire all the buildings decked out with Nutcracker signs. 

Love how these two pictures with the poster came out!


Survey time! At the end of every Books In Real Life post, we are going to answer a few questions:

Anything you wish you'd known beforehand?
This might sound silly but I wish we had been prepared for how cold it would be! Halfway to the show, each of our phones died (good thing for external chargers!) and then we forgot to take a bunch of the pictures we normally do. The cold was clearly affecting our brains. 

What was your favorite part? The ballet itself! I love that moment when the lights dim and the curtains open to reveal the dancers. Everyone person on that stage was incredibly talented and I loved hearing music I was so familiar with. The second act was my favorite of the whole ballet. 

Would we do it again? Yes! That's the second ballet I've been to this year and I hope to go to even more in 2016. 

Until next time!

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  1. We just need to go to more ballets! I really love watching people dance. It's a form of storytelling that I've always been partial to, and I'm always glad after I go see a show! Loved getting to see the Nutcracker with you :)


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