What's in My Bag | Tiff from Mostly YA Lit

Today, we're getting a peek into Tiff's (from Mostly YA Lit) bag!

I love this feature of Rachel’s so when she asked me to participate, I was in right away! I carry a lot in my purses so here goes:

Purse(s) | I have two go-to purses: my Kate Spade black purse and my Calvin Klein gold purse (they’re old so I don’t know the style names!). I really love these two because they go with everything and they’re sturdy and roomy, but also a little bit fancy.

A Few Essentials
  • protein bar - I’m hypoglycemic so I never leave home without this
  • a pen
  • keys

Book | I’m NEVER without a book, whether it’s paper, my Kindle Paperwhite, or my Audible app on my phone. On my Audible app, I’m reading Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me, which is hilarious and wonderful. On Kindle, I’m currently finishing Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare (love it!), and on paper, I just started When We Collided by Emery Lord, who is one of my all-time favorite authors and let me tell you, it hooks you from the first moment.

Bookmarks | I’m obsessed with HappyHelloArt’s mini-bookmarks - the artist lives in Toronto and in my neighborhood, so I feel extra good about supporting her work. I’m using these new Dumbledore, Voldemort, and Draco ones while reading When We Collided because Emery is a huge Potterhead.

Headphones | I alternate between cheap earbuds and these, the Sennheiser PX100 II i. My brother got me my first pair in 2005 and I’ve never looked back. They provide great sound for such a light headphone! I love the fact that they fold to be compact & travel-friendly.

Phone(s) | I have an iPhone 5 with an insanely durable case because I’ve broken my screen two times. It’s my life - I use it for all of my scheduling and most of my social media. I also have a Blackberry Curve for work (that I really dislike, but no choice).

Wallet | This Jessica Jensen wallet was a buy at a sample sale back when I was still a fashion blogger - Jensen is a local Toronto handbag designer, and her pieces are beautiful leather, classic and extremely well-made. I’ve been using this for probably 6 years and it’s never worn out on me!

Gloves | It’s cold in Toronto! These Echo Designs gloves are good for everything but the coldest days - they have smartphone friendly tips, and I like that they’re neutral but a little feminine (and not black).  


Compact/Hair brush | I think I got this from a Clinique sample package? I love the multi-functionality. I have gone whole vacations just using this as my brush.

(All the) lipstick | I full on admit that I am lipstick-obsessed. I always have at least 3-4 lippies floating around my purse depending on the occasion. My favorite brand is BITE Beauty, which is all-natural and made in Toronto. The dual-ended mini here is one of my favorites: Palomino/Violet, bold and bright. For the holidays, I have Aubergine, (part of their current holiday gift set Best Bite Rewind - it’s a steal!). I also always carry my Clinique Berry Freeze lipstick for a neutral at work, and NARS Dragon Girl because it’s Taylor Swift’s red lip (classic thing that you like), and a red lip is always appropriate.

Eyeliner | I’m a lipstick & eyeliner girl and not much else. My favourite is the Clinique Quickliner For Eyes. This one is called Intense Ivy, a dark green, and I like how it goes on like kohl but doesn’t smudge too much.

Hair tie | I always, always have a hair tie for bad hair days. This cute one was given to me by Heidi of YA Bibliophile in my Pocket Letter from her (thanks, Heidi!).

Thank you Tiff for joining me on the blog today!

What book (and other cute things) are in YOUR bag right now?

PS. If you'd be interested in doing a guest "What's In My Bag" post on my blog,
email me at hellochelly [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. I too also carry a book with me at all times. Typically I have my tablet and a book with me because what if I want to read something that I DON'T have with me! Better to be safe than sorry ;) also I LOVE NATURE VALLEY GRANOLA BARS. That is all.

    Jamie @ Books and Ladders

  2. Thanks so much for having me, Rachel - I feel a little naked letting everyone know about my (expensive) lipstick obsession. =p

  3. I love those gloves, Tiff! They are adorable. And I also really love the collection of lippies you have banging around your bag. I used to carry a bunch, but I got lazy so now I just have lip balm... And, like you, I carry a book ALWAYS and a snack ALWAYS. Thanks for sharing what's in your bag!

  4. Those gloves are soo cute!!! I love that kate spade bag! I love this feature. I feel like I have way more junk in my bag :)


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