Capeside Revisited: Playing Favorites

Even though I knew it would be really hard, I just had to ask myself and these ladies — who and what are our favorites from Dawson’s Creek? Since coming up with this appreciation week, chatting through our email threads and reading everyone’s awesome posts, it’s been SO fun to reminisce about this show and the characters we all fell in love with. (Also fun: having an “excuse” to spend hours on Youtube watching DC and P/J videos!)

I loved everyone’s responses to these questions and it’s pretty obvious that we’re all Pacey/Joey fans (funny yet unsurprising coincidence — Andi and I have the exact same answers). So onto the favorites!

Favorite season: Season 3 because I will never tired of watching Pacey & Joey fall in love.
Favorite episode: Castaways, the only real bright spot of Season 6. I mean an entire episode with only P&J? Of course, it's my favorite.
Favorite character: Pacey Witter. He will forever make me swoon.
Favorite relationship: Pacey and Joey is my OTP.
Favorite scene: The "I remember everything" scene from The Anti-Prom is one of my favorite scenes ever. But I also think it's worth mentioning the scene from the series finale when Pacey tells Joey he'll always love her but she's "off the hook" and she responds with: "I can't be let off the hook because I just might get the notion that it's OK to keep running." That was the moment that made me realize -- holy crap, PACEY AND JOEY ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO BE ENDGAME.

ANDI from Andi's ABCs
Favorite season: Duh...season 3 will forever be my favorite season.
Favorite episode: Castaways in Season 6. Typically I would say The Anti-Prom because SWOON, but Castaways was amazing.
Favorite character: Pacey Witter
Favorite relationship: Joey and Pacey! 2gether + 4eva = True Love
Favorite scene: I have to go with "I remember everything" from The Anti-Prom. One of the best scenes on television.

Estelle from Rather Be Reading
Favorite season: Season 2. There was SO much anticipation when Season 2 started because we had to know what was happening with Dawson & Joey. So many great connections that grew in this season, there were epic character dissections, and a ton of unexpected mess. I remember the episodes feeling so full, and this is probably why I think it's one of the more solid seasons of the six.
Favorite episode: The Longest Day (Season 3) -- this was one of the show's more creative endeavors. Breaking up the stories really made the tension so intense.
Favorite character: Pacey. He went through the most realistic character arcs and always managed to make me smile, even when he was being completely disagreeable (Season 4). Something about him was always so down-to-earth and he could pull off those Hawaiian shirts with flair.
Favorite relationship: Joey & Pacey -- no question. Jack & Jen are a close second.
Favorite scene: I absolutely loved the group scenes in The All-Nighter (Season 2) -- specifically when they are reciting a poem near the pool and later when they all jump in.

Tiff from Mostly YA Lit
Favorite season: Season 1
Favorite episode: Castaways. The K-Mart episode. Brilliant two-hander with my favourite characters and unbelievable dialogue.
Favorite character: Ugh, way too hard. It's between Joey and Pacey.
Favorite relationship: You're killing me, Rachel. I don't think I'll ever get over the perfection of Joey-Pacey, but the friendship between Jack and Jen is also one of my favourite things in the whole series. I love how it develops very naturally out of them both feeling like they don't belong.
Favorite scene: It's between the final scene of season 1 and the final scene of season 3 for me. I'm also kind of obsessed with the Joey-shaving-Pacey scene.

Favorite season: Three!
Favorite episode: A Weekend in the Country, season 3, episode 12.
Favorite character: Pacey Witter because he was the one who changed the most for the better but still remained true to himself, no matter how many doubts he had in his mind about where he came from or who he would become. Pacey always remained loyal, honest, funny, light-hearted but romantic and vulnerable. I loved seeing him start out as a sidekick kind of character but develop into a strong lead by the end of Season 2.
Favorite relationship: Joey & Pacey - obviously!
Favorite scene: Season 3, episode 22 - The Anti-Prom - the scene where Joey & Pacey dance together even though they are at the prom with Dawson & Andi, respectively. They try to hide their feelings for each other but the dance gives them away completely. Always had a soft spot for this scene because it solidified their relationship as more than just puppy love or a fleeting crush.


Thank you so much to everyone who joined us this week!
And of course, special thanks to Estelle, Andi, Tiff and Alex :) 
I loved each and everyone of your posts. 

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  1. Having read all of the posts, I love how closely our answers match with what we wrote about in our individual posts. Rachel is all about the P/J, Andi's answers are short and sweet like her post, Estelle's is very introspective and about the development of the characters and the storyline, mine obviously shows my interest in the love triangle, and Alex's is all about the relationships between characters.

    It's been so cool getting to know you guys more and our different (and similar) obsessions with Dawson's Creek - thank you so much for putting this week together, Rachel! The posts are amazing and I'm so glad I have more people to fangirl with now!

  2. PACEY AND JOEY FOREVER <3 That's honestly all I really have to say in response to this post, as well as expressing how pleased I am that you guys mention some of the best P/J moments in it! Loved reading all the posts for this event :)


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