Cinderella Book Tag

I've been book tagged a few times and I always mean to do them but I usually forget (sorry!) or I can't find the time. When Alexa tagged me for the Cinderella one though, it was just too cute to pass up. So here we go! 

Evil Stepsisters | A book with characters you just hate 
I thought of Anne and Henry by Dawn Ius immediately since I just read it last week. While Anne is a kick-ass heroine, everyone else pretty much sucks. In fact, sucks is putting it nicely. They're downright infuriating! Which is why they're perfect for this category.

Prince Charming | A book with a gentleman I had to think about this for a few minutes because in books I have a tendency to go for the Daemon Black (really, almost any Jennifer L. Armentrout boy) type or the dark and brooding type (currently thinking of Rowan from Heir of Fire). Then I remembered – Jase Garrett from My Life Next Door! He is such a nice guy and if there had been someone like him in my life at 17, I definitely would've considered him my Prince Charming. Actually I wouldn't mind meeting someone like him now!

Cinderella | A character that is graceful, kind and defiant This was surprisingly hard! I can think of plenty of defiant characters and kind ones.. but that combination with graceful made this tough for me. Then as I read through my Goodreads shelves, Aria from the Under the Never Sky series jumped out at me. I think she exhibits all three of these qualities. She's a beautiful singer and I can see her this coming across gracefully plus kind to the people she encountered and absolutely defiant.

Fairy Godmother | A character that always has someone looking out for them I instantly thought of Marge from I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios. She looked out for both Skylar and Josh and provided support and love when they needed it most. Lots of secondary characters stood out in that book and she was certainly one of them. 

Helpful Creatures | Something that makes you happy when you're sad My idea of unwinding is getting into my pajamas, sitting on my couch or bed and re-reading my favorite parts of the Lux or Marked Men series. At heart, I'm a sucker for romance and/or flirty banter and I can count on both of these for that. If I also had coffee or soda nearby that would just complete my relaxing moment!

Ashes | A book you didn't care for I've already said this before but I just didn't care for A Million Miles Away by Lara Avery. That's all I'm going to say.

Pumpkin | A character with a transformation This was an easy one - Lia from The Remnant Chronicles! When I first read The Kiss of Deception, I was not a fan of her character but I started to warm up to her towards the end. Then I read The Heart of Betrayal and wow. Talk about a 180! There was so much character development and emotion and her true colors were finally shining through. She became one of heck of a heroine. 

Impossible | A book with an ending you didn't see coming Champion by Marie Lu. I still consider it to be one of the best series enders I've read.

Just Breathe | Something that inspires you to be courageous This might seem like an unexpected choice by Allyson from Just One Day. I related to her in so many ways and watching her journey to taking chances, making difficult choices and following her heart was so inspiring to me.

Happily Ever After | A book with a perfect ending I'm between two books so I'm going to cheat and say both: How to Love by Katie Cotugno and Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith. Their endings just totally warmed my heart.

Thanks for tagging me, Alexa! 
Now it's my turn to tag people: Kelly, Andi & Tiff :) 


  1. Yay, I'm so happy that you decided to do the Cinderella Book Tag! I also really loved reading your answers, and I find myself agreeing with most of them. I would never have thought of Marge for Fairy Godmother, but it makes PERFECT sense. And of course, I'm not surprised that Daemon Black was mentioned in this post ;)

  2. Thanks for doing my tag! I love Lia from The Kiss of Deception, so I'm glad you warmed up to her! Also thought the ending for Hello Goodbye and Everything InBetween was perfect.

  3. I totally agree with you about Allyson from Just One Day! I still want to tear out the last page of the book and call it a standalone but I really loved her journey and while I had some issues with the story the more I thought about it, I was totally moved and inspired by her while I was reading it. I also agree about the ending of Jen E. Smith's latest. The book wasn't a favorite for me but that ending was fantastic.


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