Life lately, according to my birthday!

So think of this as a Life lately post, but the birthday edition. Because lately, I feel like I've been going out with friends almost every other night and it's been wonderful! Honestly though, I'm really bad at planning anything for myself, which is why I never do huge dinners with everyone. (One day!) I'm just get lazy at the idea of finding a restaurant and making reservations. Then I think about playing hostess and being the center of attention and well, let's just say small, intimate outings are more my thing. The best part though? I didn't have to cook dinner this whole week!

[FYI: This is going to be a long post with lots of pictures. You've been forewarned.]

For my birthday present, Estelle took me to see Gigi a couple weeks ago. I had been wanting to see it and I was surprised by how much I ended up enjoying it. I'm a fan of Vanessa Hudgens and I was very impressed by her singing and energy on stage. The second half of the musical could've been a little bit better but overall, I thought it was really cute! (Bonus points for seeing Grams from Dawson's Creek aka Mary Beth Peil and DJ!) 

Pre-birthday weekend, Loren and I decided to check out Smorgasburg. The original plan was to head out to Brooklyn but a late start, rain and general laziness made us decide to stay at South Street Seaport. Which I think was the right choice! 

We walked around along the water, checked out all the boats (didn't go on them though) and indulged in some shopping. I had no intention to buy more clothes but Lee Lee's Forest might just be my new favorite store. I walked out with a dress and a tank top.  And they're opening up a store at the mall near me! 

Now the food! I finally, finally tried a ramen burger and it was just as good as I imagined. Even better. I already want another one. Loren and I decided to split that and a lobster roll. And now that I've tried this mini-Smorgasburg, I want to check out the real one more than ever. 

I went to work on my birthday. A few friends and family were surprised but, I never take off on my birthday! Do most people? (If so, maybe I should start!) Anyways, at work they send out company-wide emails on our birthdays (at like 5am) so there's no escaping it. I hadn't told anyone on my team beforehand but they were super sweet. My boss showed up with a plant for my desk (I'll remember to water this one!). Then he took me and the rest of our team out for lunch. We got pizza at this place called Vezzo and it was delicious! If you love thin crust pizza, this is a must-try. I even ate my entire personal pan, which almost never happens. 

Then that night, I went out with Mary Ann to NOMO SOHO which is where we went last year. Yes, it was that good that I wanted to go there again. And I already know I want to go again next year so I'm thinking this will be a tradition. All because their pasta is mouthwatering! And the ambiance and whole look of the restaurant is gorgeous too. I took a bunch of pictures. (Obviously!)

We got tartufo for dessert and of course I insisted on a picture. We've been friends since we were 7 years old and here we are celebrating my 32nd birthday. It's just unreal when I think about how much time has passed. 

On Tuesday, Alexa and I went out to Saigon Market  (my fave Vietnamese place!) and wandered around Barnes & Noble after. Book shopping together is alway fun because we simultaneously enable and try to remind the other to be good. You can guess which advice usually wins out. Hah! And of course, Alexa continued to spoil me with the wonderful presents on the right. I'm up to 15 copies of Anne of Green Gables and I can't wait to put my new print and pop vinyl up around the apartment.

And finally last night, I went out to dinner with the two besties. Fried oysters, sushi and red bean ice cream made my stomach very happy. (I really need to go to the gym after this week). 

Thank you to everyone who texted, tweeted, messaged or took
me out for my birthday! It's been a super fun week and you all
made me feel pretty special :)

Happy July 4th and enjoy the long weekend!


  1. Happy birthday, Rachel (a little late)! So lovely to see what an amazing week you had - I wish I'd gotten to see Gigi in NY with Vanessa Hudgens - love her. Also, you have now introduced me to the ramen burger and I will not stop talking about it until I have one. =)

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    Aw, I'm glad you've been having fun and going to a lot of places! That's great. :) And not cooking is always a plus, ha.

    GIGI. No, I haven't seen it or listened to it, but it's a musical, so I love it! OMG. I didn't know Vanessa was in it! Now that you say that though, I remember hearing about her being in it That is so fun! I like Vanessa.

    I don't know if most people take off for their birthdays! I've never thought of that really. Haha. That pizza looks amazing, omg.

    I had to look up what tartufo was exactly and it looks fantastic (my first word was going to amazing until I saw I already used that, haha).

    Book shopping is fun! I can't believe you have 15 copies of Anne of Green Gables! That is insane. And amazing. It looks like your week was awesome.

  3. Whee, happy birthday! I'm so glad I could contribute even more to your Anne of Green Gables collection ;) It looks like you had a pretty amazing birthday week, so yay for that! (I wish taking off on your birthday was an actual thing that happened. It doesn't work that way at our office unfortunately...)

  4. 1. OMG HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I don't think I ever told you happy birthday, so I'm officially a major loser. I think I might have been at the beach, so I could blame my checked-out state of mind BUT THERE IS NO EXCUSE. I hope you had the happiest of days!

    2. I have never heard of a ramen burger before, but now I'm dying to try one. You eat at the best places!

    3. I don't have either of those copies of AoGG, so I clearly need to work on my collection ;) And inquiring minds are going to have to ask Alexa where she got that print... WANTS.


with love,