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Cousins lunch

A couple weeks ago, all my cousins and I were supposed to go apple picking like we do every year in upstate New York. But with the numbers going up and Gov. Cuomo advising against crossing state lines at the time, we decided to do a local outing. But then half my cousins canceled last minute, so it was just us (aka the fam I see every Sunday) who ended up going out and it was a beautiful day! We went to So Gong Dong, our favorite soft tofu place, which we hadn't been to since before the pandemic. It felt so nice to eat outdoors at a restaurant in a "normal"-ish way. After that we went to the Asian supermarket, Paris Baguette, and Stew Leonards to get freshly made apple cider donuts. It was just fun to be out and about all day for a change, and with our nephew in tow. 

This past weekend
I think we can all agree that while this whole year has been stressful, the past week in particular took it to another level as we waited for the results. I honestly thought it would be a few more weeks until we heard anything so when it was announced that Biden was named President-Elect on Saturday morning, I couldn't have been happier! Seeing all the videos of people dancing in the streets, particularly in NYC, made wish I could be in the city with them. But in a way, I got to do some indirect celebrating of my own! Since it was a random 75 degrees out, my cousins and I decided to do a backyard lunch at my dad's house. We ordered Filipino food and then we set up a little tent for baby Ian to check out. I swear, this kid will never lack for entertainment or attention. It really is nice having a baby in the family again! And then after hanging out with them, I met up with Mary Ann for tapas and drinks. I hadn't seen her since summer so it was nice to spend a couple hours together catching up. We went to her favorite restaurant Spuntino's, where they had an outdoor tent set up for dining. We didn't stay out too long since she had to get back to her daughter. But it worked out since by that point I just wanted to go home, sit on the couch (I am so not used to being out all day anymore!), and watch Biden and Harris address the nation (if you didn't tune it, look it up online - so inspirational). This weekend ended up being really wonderful. 

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. It really was a good weekend after the announcement came! I feel like I was super stressed when I was waiting for and watching the results come in, and I finally took a proper breath when it was made official.


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