Flights of Fantasy: March Update

It's time give the March update for Flights of Fantasy! This month we're going to answer this question:

Why do you love fantasy?

I like to think of myself as being a well-rounded reader. Even as a child/teen, I read a pretty wide range of books. That said, there was something about fantasy that I felt a particularly strong pull towards and it has a lot to do with the escapism it offers. With fantasy, almost anything goes. Made up worlds, magic, powerful heroines, swoonworthy heroes, fantastical creatures, romance, action, adventure, the fight between good and evil. The list goes on and on. It's all these things that made me fall in love with fantasy and continues to draw me to these types of books.

So now for the other important question: 
How did we all do this month? 

I finished wrapping up the The Lynburn Legacy series! These books are so, so underrated. And to think I never even heard of them until Alexa binge-read the series and gave me the first book as part of a Christmas present. I wasn't entirely sure if these would be considered fantasy because I can see how they could be easily seen as paranormal. But between the maps, the world building and other stuff I want to mention but can't, I feel pretty good about considering this fantasy. I highly recommend you check out this series.

How are you all doing on your challenge?
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  1. I have read 7 books out of my goal of 20 so far. Currently reading Bloodlines for the challenge and will proceed to the sequels one by one. :)

  2. I loved Untold! I just bought the other two at a signing last weekend. I am hoping to get to them soon. Sarah Rees Brennan's books are always so much fun!

  3. The Lynburn Legacy is the absolutely best! I'm so happy you feel as hard for the series as I did ;) And I definitely feel the same way about fantasy as you do.


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