Sunday Flashback (7)

Sunday Flashback is a feature where I'll highlight old reviews of books that tend to fly under the radar.
I'll always choose books I've already reviewed and if you happen to love these books too, we can fangirl over them together!

Today, I've chosen:

You Are Here by Jennifer E. Smith

Who doesn't love Jennifer E. Smith? (Seriously if you don't, come talk to me -- I will convince you!) What I have noticed, and I made this same mistake, is that most people think The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is her first book. I know I thought that. But it isn't. Her first book is The Comeback Season (which I just read last week). Which then made me think of You Are Here, her second book. Both books are beautifully written but definitely fly under the radar in comparison to her more well-known books: Statistical, This Is What Happy Looks Like and The Geography of You and Me.

You Are Here is about a girl named Emma who finds a birth certificate for a twin brother she never knew she had and sees that he died two days after they were born. To her, it explains her feeling of something missing in her life and even why she doesn't quite fit in with her family. She decides to visit her brother's grave and her neighbor, Finnegan, joins her on this road trip. They end up discovering things about themselves and each other that they never knew before. It's a very introspective book that alternates between their point-of-views and I enjoyed it a lot.

So if you've read Smith's more recent books but not her earlier works, I highly recommend that you do. And if you've never read any of her books.. well GET STARTED.

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  1. I agree times a million! I always enjoy Jennifer's books, because I love the way she writes. You Are Here is actually probably my all-time favorite, because the story was so simple and yet still so very moving. So thrilled you featured it for Sunday Flashback!


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