Five Things.

Five things from this past week!

1. Brand new coffee table

I really thought I was done with my living room but of course, I always find something new to do. And I decided on a coffee table. I was against it at first because I thought it would make the living room look smaller. But I kept dragging my ottoman and TV tray in front of the couch anyway so this seemed like the better, and prettier, option. That's when I saw this table from West Elm. It's different, on the smaller side and it went on sale recently. In other words, it was perfect! I'm still working on decorating it but I love what I have so far (a stack of books + candle). I'm planning to add one of these terrariums but this succulent sculpture is cute too.

2. Menchanko-tei

My coworker and I are obsessed Menchanko-tei. They serve ramen and menchanko noodles and we basically go twice a week. Which is bad but it is just so good. 

3. The Affair

I started watching this show only because Joshua Jackson is on it (Pacey Witter fangirl for life over here!) but now I genuinely like it. It's about an affair but what makes it different is that we see the story told from his perspective (Noah) and then hers (Alison). Details, big and small, conflict in each side of the story and you don't know who to believe (for the record, I believe her). And it's about more than just the two people involved. We learn about their spouses (Joshua Jackson plays Cole, Alison's husband) and their families. Plus it's also a mystery because we're learning about the affair as Noah and Alison are being interrogated by a cop years after it happened. There's been a murder and somehow they're suspects. It's all very interesting so if you have Showtime, I recommend checking it out. 

4. I'm headed to California!

Yes, I am going to California yet again. In fact I am on the plane today! When my cousin sent me an invitation to her son's first birthday party, I immediately texted her and said, "Is it crazy that I'm seriously considering this?" And she gave the perfect response: "Is it crazy that I knew you would if I sent the invite?" A few days later, I bought a ticket for a long weekend and I could not be more excited. It's a really short trip, just today until Monday morning. But I'll get to see my cousin and my adorable nephew. It'll be warm. And truthfully, a getaway -- even a short one -- is much needed.

Now for the song..

5. "I Miss You" (Incubus cover) by Yuna
I heard this song a while ago but I honestly didn't give it much thought. Which is surprising because I love Incubus and I love Yuna. I randomly looked it up again on YouTube and saw this live performance with Mike Einziger (lead guitarist for Incubus) for the first time and now I love this rendition.  

So that's my week!
What's been on your mind?


  1. I love your table! It's gorgeous! Mechanko-tei looks AMAZING and I'm craving noodles so hard right now D: D: hehe

    YAY for California! I love California and it would be SUCH a nice escape from the cold weather we're getting.

  2. Your new coffee table looks beautiful and that dish looks soooo tasty! Now, I'm definitely craving for ramen. Have a great time at California and I'll be looking forward to seeing your photos.

    Have a great week!

  3. I love your new coffee table! I am definitely taking my sweet time sprucing up my apartment. The ramen looks great, too. I hope you have a great trip to California, too!

  4. I have never heard of menchanko noodles. I will have to Google them because I have quite an udon addiction! My son's friend keeps saying he is going to open up a proper noodle shop in our downtown area, but it has been two years now and I wish he would get on with it! :)

  5. That coffee table is looking mighty fine in your living room! I hope I have the privilege of visiting and seeing it for myself one day :) I think adding a terrarium to it would be super adorable, and just tie the entire thing together. (Also, PS, I miss your face and am SO glad I will be seeing you tomorrow.)


with love,