The Vampire Academy Gala: Favorites!

It's the last day of our Vampire Academy Gala and it seems fitting to end it with our favorites! Favorite book, characters, relationships and more! I surprised myself with some of my answers but others are probably a bit more obvious. And I managed to only cheat once. (Ok, twice.)

Favorite Book
My first instinct is to say Frostbite because it was the kind of book that gave me ALL THE FEELS. I felt Rose's frustration, heartbreak, the friction with her mother, her love for Dimitri, everything. On the other hand, Shadow Kiss is the one that had me going to the Twitter when I reached the last page and asking everyone WHAT JUST HAPPENED (I was in denial). And then (yes, I'm totally cheating here) there's the last book, Last Sacrifice. It was just such a fitting end and I really liked the direction the author took the series. Those are my favorite three!

Favorite Main character
Hands down, without a doubt - it's Rose. Aside from the obvious, like being one of the most badass Guardians ever, I like her snarky comments, feisty nature, her confidence, loyalty to the people she cares about and the way she makes her own rules (not in a bad self-serving way either, it's always to do the right thing or help someone she cares about).

Favorite Secondary character
I'm being so predictable here when I say Dimitri but it's the truth! On his own, he's the good guy. Honorable, solid, always trying to do the right thing. But when he's with Rose, he's still also those things but she brings out his more passionate and tender side that no one else sees. I love his admiration of strong, independent women, the way he can acknowledge how Rose just gets him and all the times Dimitri stands by her side whether it's in a fight or emotional support or anything.

Favorite  Quote

Favorite Scene
This is the toughest one! How do I pick a scene without spoiling anything? I'm going to go with the end of Frostbite. Rose has three big emotional moments in the end: one with her mom, one with Dimitri, and an another with the school (they acknowledge an achievement of hers). It's all one after the other so I'm just going to group them all together as one scene.

Favorite  Romantic relationship
Rose and Dimitri. OBVIOUSLY. I love their chemistry and little things like their nicknames for each other (Roza & Comrade). I don't want to ramble too much but I just love their entire relationship.

Favorite  Non-romantic relationship
This one may come as a shock but Rose and her mother. I have a soft spot for mother/daughter relationships these days and I loved watching their interactions evolve. In the beginning, they both jumped to conclusions about each other and were clearly estranged. Then they began slowly repairing things in a way that felt natural and at times awkward. They're not best friends by the end but they accept each other and that's enough.

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