The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Over the weekend, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I hadn't been there since college so I thought it would be fun to take my friend who had never been there. We decided to make a day of it and it was one of those moments where I thought to myself for the millionth time - I really need to explore the city more often.

It's funny but I actually like showing people around NYC. I used to do "NYC days" with my cousins during the summers. They would tell me the type of stuff they wanted to check out, I'd map out everything and lead the way. We haven't done it in a while and showing my friend around on Saturday made me miss that. Although this was a little more fun since we went to my favorite places (you know we made a trip to Books of Wonder) and I got to pick out all the restaurants/food spots.

It was a really nice way to end the last day that felt like summer (goodbye 80 degree weather, I shall miss you!). Anyway, here was our day!

Brunch at Petite Abeille (one of my faves!) / Metropolitan Museum of Art
The pictures don't do them justice but they looked SO real. Especially the one on the right.
A lot of people stopped to look at the painting on the left, myself included. There's something about it that
draws you in. Then.. I always love looking at Degas' ballerinas. I saw this at the Norton Simon in California
and I was happy to see it again here.
From afar, the flowers on the left actually looked like a photograph! Amazingly real. Then the museum had
 a lot of Monet's work but this one stood out to me the most.
Our reflection in a glass sculpture in the Modern & Contemporary art section / I know this piece by
Mark Rothko is famous but I just don't see a door or window when I look at this. (Apparently that's what it is?)

This painting just screams - take a picture in front of me! So we did and I love it. I
realized that I actually enjoy looking at modern/contemporary art because I don't get
it 99.9% of the time. Which means I can laugh about it or come up with my own silly
interpretations. It's fun to talk about it and theorize.

Goofing off in the Modern Art wing / A piece I decided I liked after staring at it for a few minutes. It's sort of
gritty (more like dirty) but the pink flowers were a nice contrast.
Lunch at E.A.T. - a bit overpriced but the food was really good! We shared a their special meat platter and mussels.
I always need a little Paris in my day! We stopped by La Maison du Chocolat and Laduree

That was my weekend!
Hope you all had a great weekend too :)


  1. Firstly, the next time I come to the city you are taking me somewhere for food because all your food pics on Instagram always make me SOOO hungry. You have goood taste in food. Is that a weird thing to say? lol

    ANyways, I've never actually been to the Met and this post makes me realize that next time I come I'm dragging Will with me. We aren't really art people but I like to wander and feel inspired and moved sometimes but it's not like a hobby if that makes sense?

  2. It sounds like you guys had an amazing type of day! This is my type of New York outing, if I'm being honest. Good food, imaginative art + a trip to the bookstore. Glad you guys were able to spend time doing this!


with love,