Adventures in Anime #1: Fushigi Yuugi

Another brand new feature with.. Alexa! (Who else?) Over the summer, we discovered that we loved a lot of the same anime series while growing up. Granted she watched them more recently than I did seeing as that I hadn't watched any anime since high school (over 10 years ago, eeee!). While it shouldn't surprise me to find yet another thing we have in common, it still did. I guess because none of my friends were into anime. There was one girl in my class who shared my love of these shows and she was kind enough to share her subtitled tapes with me. But once I got to college, I didn't have anyone to supply me with new episodes so I eventually stopped. Enter this wonderful site called Anime Season (not to mention Hulu!) and we ended up re-watching the entire Fushigi Yuugi series together over the last 1.5 months. [Note: I also started re-watching Sailor Moon!]

Fushigi Yuugi begins with two middle school girls and best friends, Miaka and Yui. At the library they encounter a strange book called The Universe of the Four Gods and much to their shock, they get pulled into it. Yui almost immediately gets pulled back to the real world while Miaka, who is the main protagonist, sets off to become the Priestess of Suzaku. She is destined to gather the seven Celestial Warriors of the god Suzaku in order to summon Suzaku and obtain three wishes. These warriers become dear friends and one of them, Tamahome, is the love of her life. Eventually Yui gets drawn back into the world to become the Priestess of Seiryuu and Miaka's enemy for many reasons, mostly stemming from jealousy. It's a series that is action-packed, emotional, pretty dark at times and so, so well-done.  

For each of these posts, we will answer these questions!

Favorite character
You know I love swooning over the boy but I think it's important to acknowledge a memorable heroine and truthfully, I love Miaka! Sure, she can have her ditzy moments and she sometimes lets her stomach do the thinking for her but she's also loyal, dedicated, funny and brave. But my other favorite character is definitely Tamahome. I mean, do I even need to explain why? He's so swoon-worthy. And lastly, Tasuki. His outbursts and surliness actually crack me up. He almost never fails to make me laugh but when he cries? *tears* (I know I cheated on this answer but I don't care!)

Favorite episode
I'm going to say "Resolution", the penultimate episode of season 1. All the Suzaku Seven are together, Miaka wears her priestess garb for the first time (I love that outfit!), there's a poignant scene with Tamahome and we finally see the ceremony to summon Suzaku.

Favorite scene
It's such a quiet moment but it really stood out to me. Chichiri had just given Miaka a speech about how people around her will suffer if she doesn't act more responsibility. And with those words still fresh in her mind, she tells Tamahome to leave her alone because she wouldn't be able to stand it if anything happened to him. And now here's the moment! Tamahome wraps his arms around her from behind, pulling her close and says in this vulnerable tone, "Can't I stay with you?" Le sigh.

Favorite quote
"But even if we are separated for now, I still believe. That someday, surely, I will meet you again. No, that I will find you again. I promise you. No matter how my appearance may change... and it takes thousands or ten thousands of years... No matter which world you're in, I will come to you again. Somehow, I know I'll reach you. And when I do, I will once again say to you... Wo Ai Ni. [I love you.]" —Tamahome to Miaka

Favorite setting
Hotohori's palace. I have a soft spot for this place because it's where their journey truly begins. It's where the Suzaku Seven came together. I feel like it's their home away from home.

BONUS! Favorite kiss
But I love all the Miaka and Tamahome kisses! Alright if I had to pick one.. it would be the one pictured on the left. It's right before Tamahome says/does something stupid but I loved how unexpected and passionate this moment was.

So fellow anime, especially fellow Fushigi Yuugi, fans.. 
what do you love about this series?


  1. This is going to be wonderful. It is funny, I was telling my son a few days ago that I was in the mood to re-watch some of my old favorites like Blood Plus, Samurai Champloo, and Death Note. I hope I can find some new faves. :)

  2. Honestly, this feature was a BRILLIANT plan! Not only do we get the chance to watch some awesome anime; we get to do it TOGETHER! I really enjoyed seeing Fushigi Yuugi all over again, and falling in love with this story and these characters <3

  3. I love this anime, too! *squee!* My favorite characters are Nuriko, Tasuki and Hotohori! I don't really care much for Miaka, but she's the Suzaku so I sort of just tolerate her. :P

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