Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (75)

RACHEL • "Call" by Francesco Yates
I am all about upbeat songs like this these days. It's partly because of the summer weather, partly because of the fair amount of walking I do to and from work and partly because I am sitting at a desk all day. A driving beat makes me walk with a little more step or I have to fight the urge to dance a bit in my chair. It's a good feeling and I feel that way when I hear this song.

CARINA • "Phone Went West" by My Morning Jacket
I love this song's short and simple lyrics and that it's over 7 minutes long. The singer and his accompaniment take the simplicity of this song and create this beautiful story that puts me in a daze whenever I listen to it. I'm not very good at interpreting song meanings so I tend to look up the lyrics and read what people say about them. One particular interpretation that stuck with me explained how this song was about regret and wanting something back that you once gave up.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your interpretation.

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  1. I really like Call Me as well! It's a very subtle but danceable sort of tune, and I definitely would listen to it in the office too to put a little pep in my step!


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