Latest Read: Girlfriend Material by Melissa Kantor

Girlfriend Material by Melissa Kantor
Publication date: May 5, 2009
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Category: Young Adult - Contemporary
Source: Gift from Estelle (Thanks!)
Summary: Kate's never even had a boyfriend, and she'll be spending the summer abetting her mom's lame ploy to make her dad jealous: running off to Cape Cod and crashing at the seaside home of her wealthy friends, the Cooper-Melnicks. To add to the shame, the Cooper-Melnicks' gorgeous daughter Sarah seems less than thrilled to hang out with her. Then Sarah's cute, witty friend Adam starts drawing Kate into the fold—and seems intrigued. When a breezy summer romance quickly grows more complicated can Kate keep pretending her relationship with Adam is just a carefree fling? Or will she take the risk and tell him her real feelings? Suddenly Kate is asking herself a question she never thought she'd stoop to: Is she girlfriend material? (Adapted

The Good
At first read, I would’ve immediately told you that Girlfriend Material was a light summer romance and while it is, looking back I see there are so many little details that take the story deeper. Kate’s parents are having another one of their “usual” fights so Kate doesn’t think much of it until her mother decides that the two of them should spend the summer in Cape Cod with her rich friends, the Cooper-Melnicks. The last thing Kate wants to do is leave behind the summer she had planned with her best friend and spend it with these near strangers and her mom, who she thinks is being  overdramatic. But then Kate remembers she used to be good friends with the Cooper-Melnicks’ daughter Sarah and her imaginative Ernest Hemingway loving mind starts to think this could be a good idea after all. Then she gets to Cape Cod and this is the reality: Sarah treats her as if she’s got the plague, her mom is acting crazier than ever and it takes her less than a day to feel absolutely miserable.

Kate is a younger YA protagonist than I’m used to reading these days but she is immediately endearing. She reminded me of a time filled with innocent romantic daydreams and comparing oneself to heroines in books or movies. Her thoughts amused me even when they made me cringe a teeny tiny bit (only because I remember how she felt at that age!). She’s a sweet girl though and I related to a bunch of things about her. Like her love of books, her frustrations with her mom and her closer relationship with her father. Plus it’s not easy to have a summer away from all her friends and the one person she thought she’d get along with doesn’t want to deal with her. But as the summer goes on, things begin to change. She makes friends, she finds ways to occupy and enjoy her time in Cape Cod and.. she meets a boy named Adam! The book wouldn’t be complete with a romance and I very much enjoyed theirs. It’s really cute and has all those feelings that come with that first real (puppy) love. Having Adam as a potential boyfriend plus facing certain truths about her family made this a summer of growing up for Kate.

(Super minor) Reservations
It’s a really short book and a part of me was surprised at where it ended. Even though it does make sense in a way, I just wanted a teeny tiny bit more.

Do I recommend?
I do! If you’re in the mood for a quick read that deals with summer, romance, friendship and family - check this one out.

Happy reading!


  1. This sounds like a pretty darling read! I think I would like it, especially as I generally gravitate towards contemporaries in the summer :)

  2. i love books like these, thanks for sharing :)
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